the great depression n.
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The Great Depression

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The Great Depression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Depression. Hardship and Suffering. Depression in the Cities. Shantytowns : little “towns” consisting of shacks. Depression in the Cities. Soup Kitchens : offering free or low-cost food

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The Great Depression

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the great depression

The Great Depression

Hardship and Suffering

depression in the cities
Depression in the Cities
  • Shantytowns: little “towns” consisting of shacks
depression in the cities1
Depression in the Cities
  • Soup Kitchens: offering free or low-cost food
  • Bread Lines: lines of people waiting to receive food provided by charitable organizations or public agencies
depression in rural areas
Depression in Rural Areas
  • Dust Bowl: The Great Plains suffered from a major drought, which combined with over-farming, created major dust storms that covered the entire region.
effects on men
Effects on Men
  • High unemployment rate
  • As many as 300,000 men became transients, or hobos, that travelled the country looking for work
effects on women
Effects on Women
  • Women had to work outside the home, but were paid less than men
  • Many women were too ashamed to reveal their suffering.
effects on children
Effects on Children
  • Serious health problems due to lack of money and poor diets
  • Schools shut down due to slashed budgets
  • Teenagers left home and hopped trains, called “wild boys”