edrene project stuff linz november 2009 n.
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EdReNe project stuff Linz, November 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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EdReNe project stuff Linz, November 2009

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EdReNe project stuff Linz, November 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EdReNe project stuff Linz, November 2009. Leo Højsholt-Poulsen UNI-C. Founding members UNI•C ( Denmark) EUN – European Schoolnet ( Europe ) EENET - European Expert's Network for Education and Technology ( Europe) Menon Network ( Europe)

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edrene project stuff linz november 2009

EdReNe project stuffLinz, November 2009

Leo Højsholt-Poulsen


edrene thematic network of central actors
Founding members

UNI•C (Denmark)

EUN – European Schoolnet (Europe)

EENET - European Expert's Network for Education and Technology(Europe)

Menon Network (Europe)

EDEN - European Distance and E-Learning Network(Europe)

FWU - Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (Germany)

UPF - Universitat Pompeu Fabra(Spain)

TLF - Tiger Leap Foundation (Estonia)

UNI-LJ-FMF, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Uni. of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

ITC - Centre of IT in Education (Lithuania)

Skolverket - The Swedish National Agencyfor Education (Sweden)

ENIS Austria (Austria)

NCTE –National Centre for Technology in Education (Ireland)

Kennisnet – Sticting Kennisnet Ict op School (TheNetherlands)

Becta - British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (UK)

CNDP - Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique (France)

Giunti Interactive Labs (Italy)

BFU- Brancheforeningen for undervisningsmidler (Denmark)

AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori (Italy)

EduLearn (Portugal)

sDae - Sociedad Digital De Autores Y Esitores (Spain)

EdReNe – thematic network of central actors
  • IML - Umeå University Department ofInteractive Media and Learning (Sweden)
  • Associated members
  • Utdanning.no (Norway)
  • Utdanningsdirektoratet (Norway)
  • VETAMIX (Finland)
  • Lektion.se (Sweden)
  • Intrallect Ltd  (UK)  
  • SLO - Netherland’s Institute for Curriculum Development  (TheNetherlands) 
  • CTIE - Centre suisse des technologies de l'information dans l'enseignement (Switzerland)
  • APS IT-diensten(TheNetherlands)
  • TLU-CET - Talinn University (Estonia)
  • CTE - Centre de technologie de l'éducation (Luxembourg)
  • Ontwikkelcentrum (TheNetherlands)
  • LTScotland, Learning and Teaching Scotland (UK)
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica Education(UK)
  • DGIDC –Ministry of Education (Portugal)
  • ALLIANZ S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Teachable.net (United Kingdom)
  • Agenzia Nazionale per lo Sviluppo dell’Autonomia Scolastica (former INDIRE) (Italy)
  • SMART Technologies (United Kingdom)
edrene project stuff
EdReNe project stuff
  • Deliverables statusYour contributions (for progress reports !)
  • Finances
  • Fourth strategic seminar in Barcelona, 24 – 26 March 2010
  • Sustainability(“distributed responsibility”)
deliverables and output
Deliverables and output
  • We must try to have more output publicly available
  • If you have information etc. about EdReNe, please inform us(we put it on the EdReNe site)
  • Make references to edrene.org from your sites
  • Please update ‘Current status’ (mail us Word files)
  • Input for Progress report (Success indicators)
the finances
The finances
  • Financial statements and max. Grant declarations
  • Next time we mean business
  • Make sure to invoice us NOW,
  • So we know the balance by January 1st 2010(we know how much money we have left for Barcelona)
  • Prepare your financial statement (let us check whether it is ok)
  • From the Dutch workshop (incl.) and onUNI-C will pay all conference fees for all members – from UNI-C’s budget
  • For the Barcelona seminar UNI-C will pay travel and subsistence for 1 representative of associate members

Themes (speciel themes)

  • Invitees (policy makers, experts)
  • Members’ presentations (trends, good practises) what have we done/learnedrecommendationsTommy and Leo are not to do all the talking ;-)
  • White paper
  • ??