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E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre

E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre

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E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre

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  1. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre System Scope • Generalised solution for the SDM’s and other offices in the state having Citizen Interface in terms of various certificates to be issued. • Single Window to cater to service requested. • Citizen’s claim authenticated in terms of valid documents. • Service demand met in timely and accurate printing of certificates in pre-notified format. • Exhaustive monitoring mechanism for timely disposition of assured services. • Web enabled interface for determining the completion status of any service request as well as the SFC performance report.

  2. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre Existing System • 90% of the service request originate from ordinary Citizens. Collected over (De)-Centralised Receipt section of the office concerned. • 10% of the service request originate as secondary request from other offices in order to cater to their Citizen centric services. Collected over Centralised Receipt section of the office concerened. • All such requests are serviced by individual sections and distributed over (de)-centralised Despatch sections.

  3. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre Existing System Continued • The entire system in such offices is manual. Tracking of individual request is difficult. Timeframe can not be fixed for delivery. Individual accountability of Sections can not be quantified. Monitoring of Duplicate issue is difficult. Archive of issued certificates and case details is not possible. Monitoring of Forged certificates and documents are not possible.

  4. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre Proposed System   I  INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTS ( HARDWARE /SOFTWARE) • Required per SDO Office : 2 ( two) numbers Server with RAID capability and Client 10 (Ten) numbers. CAT5 LAN with Dedicated Internet Connectivity Laser printer : 3 (three) numbers CD – Writer : 1 (one) number Web-Camera : 2 (two) numbers UPS : 2KVA 1 (One) number and 600 VA 10 (Ten) numbers. • SFC Software (Client/ Server) is being developed at NIC, Tripura.

  5. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre DELIVERY MECHANISM • Applicant Acknowledgement Receipt generated over the SFC counter  along with provisional completion date and Application ID Number. • Certificate or Rejection Slip distributed over the Counter. • Completion status of a Service request on the Internet or SFC counter free of cost. • Local or remote monitoring of the SFC performance over Internet.

  6. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre • Input Documents : a. Applicant Details b. Applicant Testimonials & Photograph • Output Documents : a. Application ID No. and provisional completion date in Applicant Receipt acknowledgement during Filing. b. Printed Certificates c. Rejection Slip with reason there-off d. Online Completion Status

  7. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS Service Facilitation Centre Human Resources Management Total people to be trained • Computer fundamentals 2 staffs for 10 sections per SDM office • Data Centre operations 2 staffs per SFC counter per SDM office • Application Software operations 22 staffs per SDM Office

  8. E-GOVERNANCE APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES- LRC example • Investment:- The E-G infrastructure proposed at state (District/Subdivision) be sufficient to provide the connectivity to the service delivery points for LRC project. However, for other project namely municipalities or project not lying in line of district administration, such expenditure for Hardware, Software /networking may be quantified

  9. Service Facilitation Centre Software and concepts VB Front End/ SQL Server Back End/ Web Enabled/ Secondary level Password protection/ Tracking for Transaction Logs.

  10. Modules: • SFC Front End • SFC Back-End • SFC SDM Module • SFC Administrator module

  11. Master Information to be fed into the software

  12. Information regarding the Office where SFC is being implemented

  13. Information to be fed on the services to be implemeted, including charges for the same and Service-Steps

  14. Auto generated unique Service Code against Service Names.

  15. If any charges are levied on any Serveices, they are configured at this screen

  16. Configuration of Service-Steps and time Duration

  17. SDO, Additional SDO, DCs’ / Office Superintendents delegated or other administrative entities in the Office are all treated as individual sections along with Service Facilitation Counter

  18. Different sections in the office are configured in this screen along with the Services being rendered by them

  19. Section Names configured against auto generated unique Section IDs

  20. Section Names are configured against auto-generated unique Section IDs

  21. Service-Steps are configured with time duration against every Services configured

  22. Any Service Request is handled by multiple Sections and these Sections handle one or more service steps. 2. Servicing of all individual Service Requests have been analysed into some general administrative steps Called Service-Steps

  23. Service-Steps for Service- Citizenship

  24. Service-Steps for Service- Citizenship

  25. Service-Steps for Service- Citizenship

  26. Service-Steps for Service- Citizenship

  27. Therefore, Service-Steps for any service request are : • Filing (Application with photo, supporting documents and Fees wherever applicable) • Verification (of supporting documents and applicants claim) • Decision (On Issue or Reject instructions) • Printing (Certificates or Rejection Slip) • Despatch (Certificates or Rejection Slip)

  28. 1. Service Specific Time Duration could be decided for each and every Service-Steps. 2. Time required to deliver individual Services are cumulative of the time duration of individual Service-Steps. 3. The Yearly Holiday List is also fed to the Software to determine the provisional Date of Completion of a Service Request : Provisional Completion Date = Application Date + Total ( Service-Steps duration) + No. of holidays

  29. Configuration of supporting documents for services and their authentification Status

  30. Document status 1 : statutory document Document status 2 : supporting document

  31. For example, Birth Certificate and Citizenship of Father are the two statutory documents for issuing Citizenship Certificate.

  32. Configuration of Miscelleneous Master Information

  33. Any Service request Filed in the SFC may have three types of status: INPROCESS, ISSUED, REJECTED INPROCESS hints at determining up to which Service-Step the request has been serviced

  34. Service Facilitation Centre Front End To be implemented at the Service Facilitation Counter

  35. Module taking care of Request Filing : Add and Edit

  36. Application Receipt Report

  37. Service request Editing

  38. Reprinting of Application Receipt

  39. Application Form for Services

  40. Case Closing

  41. Reports generated from SFC Front End

  42. Delay Report

  43. Despatch List

  44. Editing Report

  45. Money Deposit report

  46. Performance Report

  47. Present Status Report