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  1. Welding ManagerWelding Data Management Stores all of your Organization Welding procedures, Inspection Data, personnel data, WPS Registration, VT, RT & NDE Reporting and more.  www.Softcut.net

  2. Solution Description Enabling Full Traceability for all welding activities; before, during, and after welding using Code Standards Such as ASME IX & API.Welding Manager Leverages the controller's already built-in monitoring features; A secure, searchable, and expandable electronic archive of welding Data.With Welding Manager, you can protect, maintain, search, and retrieveProcedure qualification records, welding procedure specifications, welder’s performance, inspector qualifications, inspection and weld production status records.Welding Manager offers an Easy to Use web-based interface, which makes it compatible with many platforms and accessible anytime and anywhere; and can be customized to integrate with ERP & DMS systems.

  3. Workflow (Welding Activities) • Data Entry (DIA, THICK, WPS, LINE, AREA …ETC)

  4. Key Features • Weld summary lists, production reporting. • Welding Notification System (Dashboard). • WPS Registration. • Welders qualifications and SubcontractorProfiles. • VT & RT & NDE Reports Generation using standards documentation requirements. • Analysis reports and joints historical information. • Full Traceability. • "Real Time Status” of complete or unfinished work and statistical reports. • All information in electronic format, and code-wise reports. • The Ability to Create Test Packages with Full History.

  5. System Quick Tour • System is a Web Based that can be called from simple Browser (IE, Firefox,...etc.) and from any device or Operating system (Mobile, PDA, TAB)…etc. • Each User must have a user ID (can use your windows login to the machine and email) [Active Directory Integrated]

  6. System Quick Tour - Dashboard Entry Page (Dashboard) with system summary

  7. System Quick Tour - Navigation • Quick Links Menu Enables you to quick Navigate and complete your Task along with the Header Buttons which you go to reports and workflow controls from.

  8. System Quick Tour – Quick Search • Quick Search Bar allow you move quickly to any Joint (weld) within the System and find information about it’s welders, VT Reports, RT Reports …etc.

  9. System Quick Tour – Joints Control • For a Select Line all Line information and Joints (Welds) Within this line are displayed for your Review and Action

  10. System Quick Tour – Joints Control • Once a Single row (one Joint) is selected All Related Information for this Joint can be Seen. Such as Welders, VT Reports, RT, …etc.

  11. System Quick Tour – Joints Control • Joint Extension is a Graphical Representation of the Joint Status which is Generated Automatically based on the actions taken on this Joint. It show it in this Sequence[Welder, Penalty1, Penatly2 …etc.] Selected Joint Welder P1 P2

  12. System Quick Tour – Welders

  13. System Quick Tour – Other Controls

  14. Sample Output

  15. More info… • www.softcut.net • www.WeldingManager.com • Visit Welding Manager on Microsoft.com Site using this link • Product Brochure pdf • Try the System yourself using [User Name: admin Password: admin] on http://try.weldingmanager.com • User Manual can also be find on this link