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Parentheses!!!. By JB, JC, JG, LK. Parentheses are used to add small separations from the rest of a text and have many functions!!!. 1. Writer’s note.

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Parentheses are used to add small separations from the rest of a text and have many functions!!!

1 writer s note
1. Writer’s note
  • Parentheses can often serve the purpose of a footnote, but rather than being at the end of a page, they are located immediately after the segment they relate to.
  • i.e. Most people are dumb (though many optimists will disagree).
2 parenthetical reference
2. Parenthetical Reference
  • Parenthetical Reference is used as an exact citation of an authors work that provides all the necessary information to find what you quoted in the original work.
  • i.e. “She loved kittens” (Johnson, 19) or with title (Johnson, Kittens Galore 19)
examples of mla parenthetical referencing
Examples of MLA Parenthetical Referencing
  • “She loved kittens” (19)
  • If author is not mentioned use (Johnson 19)
  • If the author has more than one work (Johnson, Kittens Galore 19)
  • If the multiple authors have that last name, place the full name in the surrounding text or citation.
  • i.e. (Leon Johnson, Kitten Galore 19)
With two the three authors use commas and “and” where the name is.
  • i.e. (Johnson and Johnson, Kittens Galore 19)
  • With four or more use the first author with “et al” or just put all the names.
  • i.e. (Johnson et al, Kittens Galore 19)
Corporate authors are treated as standard authors, just as electronic texts are treated as normal texts, though they often don’t have page numbers.
  • If no author is listed, just skip the place for their name.
  • Put the citation as close to the text as you can without interrupting it. It’s very important to your paper, but don’t let that muddle your writing!
works cited
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