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Civilizations of the Middle East

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Civilizations of the Middle East - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civilizations of the Middle East. Post Crusades. Do Now: Copy the chart into your copybook. Saladin (Ayyubid Dynasty). Started 1171 AD Body of water: Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea. Saladin (Ayyubid Dynasty). What land did it control?

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saladin ayyubid dynasty
Saladin (Ayyubid Dynasty)
  • Started 1171 AD
  • Body of water: Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea
saladin ayyubid dynasty1
Saladin (Ayyubid Dynasty)
  • What land did it control?

Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan, parts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq

saladin ayyubid dynasty2
Saladin (Ayyubid Dynasty)
  • What advancements were made?

Salah al-Din ibnAyyub- Saladin

  • Defeated the Crusaders

Building of schools, encouraging Sunni Islam, building of hospitals and advancements in medicine

  • Started 1206 AD
  • Body of water nearby: From the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea
  • What land did it control?

Current day: Central Europe, the Middle East, and most of Asia

  • What Advancements were made?

Genghis Khan- leader

Yasa (code of law)- religious tolerance, stealing or vandalizing was strictly forbidden creating a safe empire.