157 app stats you should know about
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157 App Stats You Should Know About. Compiled by Mobile Entertainment. Who are we?. Mobile Entertainment provides news, views and analysis on the mobile content industry Total monthly audience of 100,000+ people

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157 app stats you should know about

157 App Stats You Should Know About

Compiled by Mobile Entertainment

Who are we
Who are we?

  • Mobile Entertainment provides news, views and analysis on the mobile content industry

  • Total monthly audience of 100,000+ people

  • We also run industry events, a targeted jobs service, and do contract publishing


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The big idea
The Big Idea

  • Smartphone apps have exploded in popularity in the last three years

  • There’s a bewildering amount of data out there on the growth of the market

  • We thought we’d try to summarise some of the latest numbers in a sensible way

  • So let’s get on with it...

1 7 app store sizes
1-7: App Store Sizes

  • Apple’s App Store has 225,000 apps (source)

  • Android Market has 70,000 apps (source)

    • But unofficial estimates suggest 105,000 (source)

  • BlackBerry App World has 7,200 apps (source)

  • Ovi Store has 13,000+ ‘content items’ (source)

    • Includes ringtones, wallpapers and songs as well as apps

  • iPad App Store has 11,000 apps (source)

    • Unofficial estimates suggest 20,000+ (source)

8 15 app store downloads
8-15: App Store Downloads

  • iPhone passed 5bn downloads in June 2010 (source)

    • Last billion took two months = 16.7m a day

  • Android passed 1bn downloads in July 2010? (source)

  • Ovi Store is doing 1.7m daily downloads (source)

  • BlackBerry App World 1m daily downloads (source)

    • From 20m registered users according to RIM

  • iPad did 35m app downloads in first 65 days (source)

  • Indie store GetJar does 3m daily downloads (source)

16 18 the power of free
16-18: The Power of Free

  • 57% of Android Market apps are free according to Distimo (source)

  • But FADE claimed in March that 98.9% of Android downloads were free (source)

  • In June, Piper Jaffray claimed 81% of App Store downloads were free (source)

19 23 paid app stats
19-23: Paid App Stats

  • Apple has paid out more than $1bn to iOS app developers (source)

  • In February, AdMob found that 50% of iPhone owners buy at least one paid app a month (source)

  • 35% of the apps in Mplayit’s ‘most popular app’ charts are paid (source)

  • The average paid iPhone app has sold 101,024 copies over a lifetime of 261 days (source)

  • 7% of iPhone and iPod touch owners have spent more than $50 on games in the last three months (source)

24 26 app satisfaction
24-26: App Satisfaction

  • 84% of App Store users are satisfied with the experience, compared to 81% of Android Market users, and 58% of BlackBerry App World users (source)

27 30 apps per user
27-30: Apps Per User

  • iOS users have an average of 37 apps on their devices, compared to 22 for Android users and 10 for BlackBerry users (source)

  • US iPhone users download 60 apps a year (source)

31 34 uk app usage
31-34: UK App Usage

  • 31% of UK mobile owners used apps in June 2010 (source)

  • That figure rises to 71% if you just look at owners of smartphones

  • Those figures were 21.5% and 52.3% respectively in June 2009

35 41 more uk app usage
35-41: More UK App Usage

  • The average British smartphone owner downloads 15 apps to their handset, keeps 12 of them, and uses 5 every day (source)

  • GfK NOP’s survey found that 16-24 year-olds are using 10 apps every day on average though

  • A fifth of UK smartphone users were downloading more apps in June 2010 than six months before

  • A fifth of them would never pay for an app, but half have already paid for one

42 45 euro app usage
42-45: Euro App Usage

  • There were 81.9 million app users across the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany in April 2010 (source)

  • Maps was the most popular category (11.1m)

  • It was followed by social networking (9.5m) and weather (9.4m)

46 54 gaming stats
46-54: Gaming Stats

  • 51% of iPhone owners have five or more games installed on their devices says Compete (source)

  • 37% of iPhone owners play games at least every day – puzzle games are most popular

  • 46% of BlackBerry owners have no games on their devices at all

  • Gartner claims that mobile gaming will be worth $5.6bn in 2010, rising to $11.4bn in 2014 (source)

    • Claims that up to 80% of all mobile app downloads are games, although up to 70% of those are free

  • Flurry estimates that iPhone games made $500m in the US in 2009 (source)

    • That’s 5% of total US gaming revenues

55 57 female focus
55-57: Female Focus

  • 39% of smartphone-owning women aged 55+ have downloaded one or more apps (source)

  • Nearly one in five say games are their favourite genre according to LadyGeek’s survey

  • Facebook is the most popular app for these people

  • 22.5% discovered their favourite app from a friend’s recommendation

58 71 analyst download forecasts
58-71: Analyst Download Forecasts

  • 2009 ABI: 2.4bn ; Gartner: 2.5bn ; Juniper: 2.6bn ; Ovum: 2.7bn

  • 2010 Gartner: 4.5bn ; ABI: 6bn ; Futuresource: 6.6bn

  • 2013 Futuresource: 16.2bn ; Gartner: 21.6bn

  • 2014 Booz & Company: 19bn

  • 2015 Ovum: 21.3bn ; Juniper: 25bn

  • (The outlier is GetJar, which predicts 7bn downloads in 2009 rising to 50bn by 2012)

  • Sources: ABI, Booz & Company, Futuresource, Gartner, GetJarJuniper, Ovum

72 80 analyst revenue forecasts
72-80: Analyst Revenue Forecasts

  • 2009 research2guidance: $1.9bn ; Gartner: $4.2bn ; Futuresource: $4.6bn ; Juniper: $10bn

  • 2010 Gartner: $6.8bn

  • 2013 Futuresource: $15bn ; research2guidance: $15bn ; Gartner: $29.5bn

  • 2014 Juniper: $32bn

  • Sources: Futuresource, Gartner, Juniper, research2guidance

81 87 more analyst stats
81-87: More Analyst Stats

  • Ovum thinks Apple generated 67% of all smartphone app downloads in 2009 (source)

    • But thinks this will fall to 22% by 2015

    • Other platforms in 2015 – Android 26%, Symbian19%, BlackBerry 17%

  • Gartner thinks free downloads are 82% of the market in 2010, rising to 87% in 2013 (source)

88 95 developers developers developers etc
88-95: Developers! Developers! Developers! Etc!

  • 53% of US mobile developers are building iOS apps (source)

    • iGR’s survey says next most popular platforms were BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile 6.5

    • Developers are making apps for 2.4 platforms on average, but this will increase to 3.4 over the next year

    • More than half think multi-touch is important or essential to development

  • 25% of games developers are now making mobile games – up from 12% in 2009 (source)

    • Of those, nearly three quarters are targeting iOS

    • That’s twice as many as are targeting DS and PSP

96 97 android momentum
96-97: Android Momentum

  • 60% of developers surveyed by VisionMobile in July 2010 had recently made Android apps (source)

    • Ahead of the 50% who’d made iOS and Java apps

98 101 more android stats
98-101: More Android Stats

  • 70% of iPhone developers are planning to release Android apps in the next six months (source – March 2010)

    • AdMob’s survey found 31% of devs in its network are working on multiple platforms today

    • 47% say they plan to do so in the next six months

    • 49% of respondents have been developing mobile apps for less than a year

102 107 iphone melting pot
102-107: iPhone Melting Pot

  • Only 5% of apps in Apple’s Top 100 charts are published by trad mobile devs (source)

    • 17% are by traditional media companies

    • 22% are by online firms

    • 19% are by traditional gaming companies

    • 17% are by retailers and brands

    • 20% are by new iPhone-focused startups

108 112 shazam
108-112: Shazam

  • More than 75m users (source)

  • 1bn identified songs

  • Added 25m users in six months up to mid-May 2010

  • Shooting for 100m by end of the year

  • 260k music track sales a day via Shazam (source)

113 116 angry birds
113-116: Angry Birds

  • 6.5m sales on the App Store (source)

  • 11m free Lite downloads

  • 200,000 sales of its $4.99 iPad app

  • 6m views of YouTube videos for the game

117 121 mytown
117-121: MyTown

  • Social location game MyTown has 3.1m users playing for 70 minutes a day on avg (source)

  • It launched in December 2009, passed 1m users in February 2010, and 2m in May 2010 (source / source)

  • After it launched product check-ins, 350k were scanned in the first week (source)

122 128 apps
122-128: Apps

  • Foursquare has 2.6m users (source)

  • The official Britain’s Got Talent app was downloaded 200k times in its first four days (source)

  • ABC’s iPad TV app racked up 800k downloads and 4.2m started episodes in its first month (source)

  • ESPN’s World Cup app passed 2.5m downloads with 1m users accessing it a day (source)

  • Location dating app Skout passed 1m users in July 2010 (source)

129 131 tap tap revenge
129-131: Tap Tap Revenge

  • Tapulous’ games had been downloaded 35m times by July 2010 (source)

  • By June the games had generated 5m song sales (source)

  • And they were shifting 500k downloads of featured tracks a week

132 134 ebay
132-134: eBay

  • eBay’s iPhone app had been downloaded 11m times by July 2010 (source)

  • The company expects to make $1.5bn from mobile transactions in 2010 (source)

  • That’s up from $600m in 2009

135 137 paper toss
135-137: Paper Toss

  • Backflip Studios’ game passed 24m downloads in August 2010 (source)

  • In March, the developer said it made $2.5m of revenues in the previous nine and a half months (source)

  • That included $1m from in-game advertisements

138 139 doodle jump
138-139: Doodle Jump

  • Doodle Jump passed 5m iPhone sales in June 2010 (source)

  • It was the first paid iPhone game to reach that milestone

  • Its $0.99 price means it’s generated $3.46m of revenues for two-man developer Lima Sky

140 143 games
140-143: Games

  • Pocket God has sold more than 3m copies (source)

  • Pac-Man has generated more than 30m paid BREW transactions in the US alone (source)

  • FaceFighter has generated more than 3.8m iPhone downloads (source)

  • MobiTV and Windows Live Messenger reached 1m iPhone downloads in June 2010 (source)

144 145 barcode scanners
144-145: Barcode Scanners

  • In June 2010, the ShopSavvy scanning app was doing 80k downloads a day (source)

  • Rival RedLaser passed 2m downloads in May 2010, just before eBay bought it (source)

146 skype
146: Skype

  • In its first few days on the App Store in June 2010, Skype’s 3G iPhone app was downloaded 5m times (source)

147 150 opera mini
147-150: Opera Mini

  • In June 2010, the Opera Mini browser was used by more than 59.4m users (source)

  • In July, it was serving 1bn daily page views, up from 100m in 2008 (source)

  • More than 2.6m people used the iPhone app in its first two weeks (source)

151 152 branded apps
151-152: Branded Apps

  • Barclaycard’s Waterslide Extreme game passed 10m downloads in Jan 2010 (source)

  • Zippo’s Virtual Lighter app hit 10m in June 2010 (source)

153 157 not just iphone
153-157: Not Just iPhone...

  • Both eBuddy and Facebook have been downloaded more than 50m times on GetJar (source / source)

  • Offscreen Technologies has racked up 25m downloads of its apps on Ovi Store (source)

  • Digital Chocolate passed 4mOvi Store downloads in April 2010 (source)

  • Polarbit topped 1m Android downloads in March 2010 (source)

  • Nokia’s own Ovi Maps was downloaded 17m times by the end of Q2 2010 (source)

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