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363 Bering Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 3B1 Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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363 Bering Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 3B1 Canada

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363 Bering Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 3B1 Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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363 Bering Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 3B1 Canada.

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363 Bering Ave. Toronto ON M8Z 3B1 Canada

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363 Bering Ave. Toronto

ON M8Z 3B1 Canada


Automotive techniques is a small performance focused mechanic shop. The shop specializes in such things as Forced induction, motor swaps, and custom manifolds. They also offer general repairs at a fraction of the cost. So whatever your needs are these are the “Go To” people.


At Automotive Techniques, there are three hoists to help serve customers at optimal speed, as well as over one hundered thousand dollars in tools.


Even though there are always cars in the shop, both mechanics work at a fast pace and are easy to talk to. Both mechanics stride to help your needs in any way possible . Also, you can walk into the shop and watch the mechanics fix your car!


Our Team


John Ferreira owns half of “ATR”.

John also handles all of the business end concerning Automotive Techniques. Weather it is making the bill of sale, or selling car accessories, John is the man to go to.


Wally aka Walter is the head mechanic at “ATR”, and also owns the other half of the shop. Wally is the go-to man for custom manifolds, and beautiful welds. Any metal this man touches turns into a masterpiece.




Dave is the only other mechanic at “ATR”. Dave is also a former co-op student at this particular shop. It is an inspiration to see somebody only 2 years older than me to already be on his way with his career. He currently attends school, and works full time trying to achieve his apprenticeship hours. Dave specializes in motor swaps, and installing forced induction systems.


Team Co-op

  • Responsibilities

At “ATR “ there are always a lot of things to do. Our responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning the shop daily; which includes cleaning up oil stains, sweeping, taking out the trash, or thoroughly cleaning some of the many areas.
  • Performing a majority of the oil changes.
  • Being any of the mechanics right hand man. This includes passing them tools, putting tools away, or helping them with whatever they are trying to accomplish.
  • Last but not least, broadening our learning horizons. Being at Automotive Techniques has helped pave the way for both of educational processes. This is the start to a very immense learning journey.

Both Cassandra’s and Peter’s goals are the same yet different. Both Cassandra and Peter want to stay into the mechanic industry.

  • Peter’s goals include;
  • Successfully completing the OYAP program and apprenticeship hours .
  • Achieving a Red Seal.
  • Someday hopefully owning his own business.

Peter is very close to finishing school. Once Peter finishes school he is going to start preparing for his career.


Cassandra’s goals include:

  • Either going to college or successfully completing the OYAP program and apprenticeship hours.
  • Achieving a Red Seal
  • Hopefully owning her own business one day.

For both of us to achieve our goals we have to endure a long schooling process. Both of us will need business degrees to open a business. Both of us will also have to do various tests and programs to achieve our Red Seal. Before all of this is possible we will need to finish high school. The end result of our hard work should result in a mechanics liscence.