eperspace call id fp6 2002 ist 1 contract n 506775 date 11 03 2004 n.
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ePerSpace Call ID: FP6-2002-IST-1 Contract N°: 506775 Date : 11/03/2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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ePerSpace Call ID: FP6-2002-IST-1 Contract N°: 506775 Date : 11/03/2004

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ePerSpace Call ID: FP6-2002-IST-1 Contract N°: 506775 Date : 11/03/2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ePerSpace Call ID: FP6-2002-IST-1 Contract N°: 506775 Date : 11/03/2004. Concertation meeting Brussels. ePerSpace idea. Starting from analysis of European user needs. ePerSpace. Middleware cooperation Personalised services.

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Presentation Transcript
eperspace call id fp6 2002 ist 1 contract n 506775 date 11 03 2004

ePerSpace Call ID: FP6-2002-IST-1Contract N°: 506775Date : 11/03/2004

Concertation meeting


IST project ePerSpace N°506775

eperspace idea
ePerSpace idea

Starting from analysis of European user needs


Middleware cooperation

Personalised services

Provide home value-added services on whatever device and whatever you are

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

where is home networking today
Where is home networking today?
  • Numerous competing technologies and alliances with assets and drawbacks
  • The home networking market is immature and fragmented

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

eperspace global innovation idea
ePerSpace global innovation idea
  • Integrate those technologies to show users a clear path to networking their digital home
  • Key requirements: provide services at home
    • easy to handle and at low cost
    • with sufficient data rates and end-to-end QoS for streaming applications (A/V)
    • personalised (depending of user preference, context,…)
    • with seamless login
    • with integration of personal devices (eg: mobile phone) in the home
    • Able to be used from a remote location

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

eperspace objectives
ePerSpace objectives
  • Increase the user acceptance of networked multimedia systems and applications
  • Develop innovative interoperable value-added networked services:
    • Personalisation data exchange
    • Services
    • Context adaptation
    • Management of service platforms
  • Create a mass-market adoption of such advanced services

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

work areas
Work areas
  • ePerSpace objectives will be realised through 4 major work areas:
    • Home Platform
    • Global Network Integration & Interoperability
    • Home and Personal Devices
    • Rich Media Object Management

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

home platform
Home platform
  • Deploy an open architecture
    • Analyse cooperation between platforms
      • Deliver multiple services including multimedia services through one management server ensuring administration
    • Work on different access networks
      • Provide A/V services to home with adequate data rate and QoS

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

global interoperability network
Global Interoperability Network
  • Provide secure and personalised services
    • Permit update and distribution of user preferences among terminals, home platform and operator support system
    • Provide new authentication and authorisation mechanisms for seamless login (mobile phone SIM, smartcard,..)
    • Allow provision of multimedia services while on the move (elsewhere environment)

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

home and personal devices
Home and personal devices
  • Create an ad-hoc network with available devices
    • Build a network of devices that allow device discovery, services discovery and continuity to the elsewhere environment
    • Develop device APIs to create a dynamic community of devices with communications between devices
    • Implement services in the Residential Gateway allowing users to handle and share their digital content

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

rich media object management
Rich Media Object Management
  • Adapt services and content depending on user context and preferences
    • Allow to access or receive content governed by personal preferences
    • Permit content adaptation and delivery of services depending of user context

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

eperspace reference infrastructure
ePerSpace reference infrastructure

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

major milestones
Major milestones
  • T0+4 Scenarios with services and functional architecture defined
  • T0+6 Preliminary architectures coming from the different workpackages
  • T0+10 - T0+12 Integration of intermediate test-beds, first results
  • T0+18 - T0+20 Integration for final trials
  • T0+20 - T0+24 Final trials and user assessment

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

contractual eperspace aspects
Contractual ePerSpace aspects
  • FP6 instrument: Integrated Project
  • Project starting date: 01/02/2004
  • Project duration: 24 months
  • Total costs: 13 537 707 €

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

eperspace consortium
ePerSpace Consortium

IST project ePerSpace N°506775

coordinator contact details
Coordinator contact details

Mr. Pierre-Yves DANET

Head of R&D unit home services

France Télécom R&D/SVA/CAP

2, avenue Pierre Marzin

22307 Lannion Cédex- France

Tel: +33 2 96 05 11 55

Fax: +33 2 96 05 12 03

Email : pierreyves.danet@rd.francetelecom.com


IST project ePerSpace N°506775