the mystery of kasse the nun n.
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The Mystery of kasse the nun

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The Mystery of kasse the nun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mystery of kasse the nun. By Taylor. One cold Monday in March 23, 2011 in Washington D.C there was a house FULL of nuns. When night came along all the nuns went to bed except for one.

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Finally she fell asleep, but she was sitting in a wooden chair in when she woke up she was floating in the air!!


But when the nun reached France …..the chair floated back down to the ground. And by the way the floating nuns name is Kasse.


Kasse asked two women if they knew how to get back to Washington dc from there. Kasse did not know the women were French until they said something to her .


Kasse got very tired and fell asleep right in the chair because she thought she was stranded at France forever .she was very worried.wellatleast tried to fall asleep than fell asleep 5 mins. later


But while she was asleep she floated allllllllll the way back to D.C she slept back at D.C for one more hour thinking she was still standed at Fance but…………


So when she woke up her friends and family cheered .Kasse said to herself….. WOW I really made it home and I ghess I wont be stranded at France forever after all .kasse didn’t want to be a nun she told her parents because her parents were not …………….her parents responded ok so kasse quickly went and changed to regular cloths and the family cheered


All Kasse said was its always better to tell the truth ok. Ok Ashley said they finally lived that’s why its best to tell the truth