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Charter Renewal Prepared for Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Charter Renewal Prepared for Life

Charter Renewal Prepared for Life

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Charter Renewal Prepared for Life

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  1. Charter RenewalPrepared for Life Internet Rechartering

  2. Registration Cycle • January 1st – December 31st is the annual term for BSA Registration. • In 2012 the Fee for that Registration Term is $15. ($12 additional for Boy’s Life) • Charter Renewal is the process to Continue the registration, and Boy’s Life of active scouts and adults for the next charter year. • Scouts and adults that join in the middle of this cycle pay a prorated fee for registration and Boy’s Life.

  3. The Easy Way – Register Early and Often Primary Rule: To get on a Roster You Need an Application! Every time you have a new youth or adult join or transfer, obtain a complete application with fee’s. Then turn it into the Scout Office, with the prorated fee’s for the month that they join. Procrastination of the Primary rule causes a lot of extra work during Charter Renewal

  4. Helpful Scouting Resources Unit Management Software. (i.e. Troopmaster/Packmaster) makes managing your unit much easier. Online Advancement: Each unit is able to review the council registration and advancement records online. Get your pass code and set up your account today. Note: One Login is allowed per unit.

  5. Changes for 2011-2012 • Youth and Adults are allowed to multiple in the same program. (ie: A Scout can be registered in two troops.) • Youth are allowed to multiple as a youth and adult with no extra fee. (ie, Venturer may register as an assistant Scoutmaster) • Disclosure forms must be actual signature. No photocopies, faxes, or scans will be accepted.

  6. Charter Renewal Steps to Success Step 1: Attend Charter Renewal Orientation. Step 2: Work with your unit committee and leaders to create a list of all active Scouts, adults and their positions. (Include, address, phone, age, DOB, Rank, and email). Get applications from unregistered people.

  7. YOUTH PROTECTION • Youth Protection Training is required for all registered volunteers. • Youth Protection for Venturers is required for all registered Venturing Leaders. • New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit their application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins. • Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years. • If a volunteer’s Youth Protection Training record is not current at the time of charter renewal, the volunteer will not be reregistered

  8. Adult App. Required Info Unit Type & # Name, Address Phone number Date of Birth Social Security # All questions must have some answer – even NA Boy’s Life Signature Committee Chair Signature Exec. Officer or Charter Rep Applicant Signature Disclosure? Unit Info Demographical Information DOB SSN Registered CC Registered EO or CR Applicant Signature

  9. Disclosure Signature is Required Printed Name, Signed Name and Date is Required Starting Sept. 1, 2011. Photocopies, faxes, scans etc of this form will not be accepted.

  10. Youth Application - Parent Signature Required • Unit Type and # • Youth Name and Address • Phone, DOB, Grade • Boy’s Life • Parent Info • Parent DOB required for Tigers • Leader Signature • Parent Signature (Not Req. Ventures') • Ventures Signature (Venturing Only) Unit Information Name and Address Phone, DOB, Grade, Boys Life Parent Info Parent DOB Parent Signature Unit Leader Signature Venturer Signature

  11. Online Recharter System

  12. Your Access Code Note: Unit Numbers are 4 digits. (i.e.. Pack 15 is entered as 0015 The unit renewal processor for Internet Rechartering begins as First Time User because the unit access code is changed each year for security reasons. After initial registration, you may log in as a returning User.

  13. Confidentiality Statement All unit processors are required to agree to a Confidentiality Statement when the initial First Time User registration is completed. The agreement is required each time First Time User is selected.

  14. Setting Your Password Account registration is simple to complete and requires name, password, e-mail address, and telephone number of the unit renewal processor.

  15. Overview Page The Overview page lists the five stages of processing for Internet Rechartering.

  16. Loading Your Roster UPDATE Select this box to receive a refreshed list of current members from Scoutnet after your initial download Load Roster offers two options to unit processors: Load the unit roster from council information; or upload a rechartering file from unit-management software to match against the council information.

  17. Charter Organization Info The first steps of Stage 2, following Load Roster, are to review the chartered organization information and determine which members, if any, will not be renewed in the new roster.

  18. Charter Organization Info Click Update unit roster to refresh unit member data and Youth Protection status from the council’s unit roster information. Update unit roster The first steps of Stage 2, following Load Roster, are to review the chartered organization information and determine which members, if any, will not be renewed in the new roster.

  19. Select/Remove Members Once selection of members for renewal is completed, there is a confirmation screen to list those to be renewed or not renewed.

  20. Promote Members Promote Members is a process designed to allow selection of adults and eligible youth from related units and conversion of eligible youth to adult assistant in the unit, when applicable.

  21. Promotion Options Promote Members allows processor to select from among the family of units by chartered organization, if listed, or to use an approved alternative. To Promote from a unit not in your family, you will need the access code for the unit you are promoting from.

  22. Promotion Review Once the unit is selected and members eligible for promotion are listed, the promoting unit checks the Promote box to complete the promotion. The original unit does not renew the member if member is leaving unit. DON’T FORGET APPLICATIONS FOR PROMOTED MEMBERS

  23. Adding Adults It is always easier to register new adults prior to Charter Renewal via the Council than entering all the data yourself.

  24. New Adult Demographics Don’t Forget the Date of Birth! Hopefully you are entering all this information from a completed and signed Registration Form!

  25. Quick Pause for Helpful Advice • The pages for Adding Youth and Adults are intended as a means to recharter people that are currently not on your charter. • Experienced Charter Renewal units, will have all their new youth and adults registered with the council; prior to starting this process. These experienced leaders brag about completing the online process in 30 minutes.

  26. Adult Business Data

  27. Adding New Youth. Similar information to adding adults

  28. Internet Applications Update Don’t Forget the Date of Birth! There is no change to Page 2: Add New Youth Member.

  29. Youth’s Parent Information There is no change to Page 3: Add New Youth Member.

  30. Internet Applications Update

  31. Adult Date of Birth Don’t Forget the Date of Birth! Required for Tiger Adult Partners. Adult Date of Birth is Required for Tiger Cub Adult Leaders.

  32. Update Member Information. Update Member Data is a core part of Internet Rechartering as it provides for updating of name, address, telephone, and e-mail address information. If new adults or new youth were entered, records may be updated further in this step. (Note: if members have moved or their information is incorrect, their Boy’s Life will not get to them along with other correspondence).

  33. Adult Update Page Update Adult in Update Member Data.

  34. Adult Update Page 2 Page 2: Update Data will not have SSN entry online and new data field added.

  35. Adult Update Page 3

  36. Leadership Update Adult Position Summary will tell you if your unit meets the minimum required positions. You may need to reassign positions to move forward NOTE: The only person in your unit that can hold more than one position is the CR. In addition to this position he/she can be a MC or CC as well Update Member Position allows for position changes and validates positions are correct.

  37. Executive Officer (EO) The Executive Officer is the head of your chartered organization. This person does NOT need to fill out an adult application. DO NOT change the executive officer information online. Use the new Executive Officer Information Sheet provided in your Charter Packet. The new Executive Officer must sign the final charter.

  38. Charter Representatives (CR) The Charter Representative is the person assigned by the Executive Officer to serve on the unit committee and act as a liaison between the unit and the organization. The Charter Representative must fill out an Adult application. If a CR is also the EO he will need to fill out the EO info Sheet and an adult application.

  39. Units Who Share a Charter Organization Some Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews have the same Chartered Organization. The Executive Officers listed on the charters of these unit charters must be the same. The Charter Representative for these units must also be the same. Make sure you communicate with shared units prior to completing your charter renewal. Each charter will need a copy of the new CR’s application. The CR does not need to fill out multiple registration forms.

  40. Check Roster Verification Check Roster verifies BSA registration rules and Update Fees handles fee payment data.

  41. Multiple Registrations Adults and youth are allowed to register in more than one unit. These second registrations are made at no extra fee. These youth and adults need to decide which unit they are going to pay in, for their annual membership fee. This is called their Primary Unit. Any additional unit they are registered in other than the Primary unit, they are then considered a Multiple Member; and do not pay any registration fees.

  42. Multiple Rules A youth “CAN” Multiple into a unit of the same type. (i.e. register in both Crew 14 and Crew 34) A Scout who is 18-20 may register as a venturer (Youth position) and Assistant Scoutmaster (Adult Position). In this case the primary position must be as a youth. No extra fees apply. (New 2011) All people who are not currently registered in a unit, and wanting to add as a multiple must fill out a registration form. (to get on a roster you need an Application)

  43. Fees Update This page is where you update information for Boys Life and identify multiple registrations. (ie no fees)

  44. Internet Applications Update Unit Liability Fee of $40 Replaces the Charter Fee. The Application Fee recap will calculate fees based on unit expiration date.

  45. FEES • Charter registration fee is $15 per person • Boy’s Life is $12 per subscription • The Unit Liability Insurance Fee increases to $40. • No Fee and Multiple registrations are $0. • Don’t forget to add the prorated registration fee’s, to new applications being turned in during charter renewal. • There is a $1 fee for transferred youth and adults. • Prorated registration is $1.25 per month. (ie register in November would be $2.50. • Prorated Boys Life is $1 a month. You cannot prorate Boys life in December for just a dollar.

  46. Membership Inventory Membership Inventory provides a means to give a reason to each youth member, who was not selected for renewal. Ranging from too old for the program, to moved away. This information is shared with councils for follow-up with youth, to encourage a continued Scouting experience.

  47. Select Reason for Removal Membership Inventory has been enhanced to allow entry of the Reason for non-renewal by selecting the appropriate radio button.

  48. More Help Easy to use Help functions, assists the unit processor with understanding how Internet Rechartering works.

  49. Tutorial Online An interactive tutorial is designed to help the processor learn online navigation.

  50. Frequently Asked Questions The Frequently Asked Questions is linked to each page.