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  1. Complicated story Greena Done by: 5ado0oy (Khadija) 3ali

  2. Hi I'm greena the heroine in the storyI like the color green it’s my favoriteI could prove that from the followingFriend fiction story

  3. Amy, could change her hair to only pink and purple Here is my friends Mandy Max, he could change his look any way And he is the only boy Marinda could change anything as long as she is black Ronda Katie Melanie

  4. We all live in different houses no parents just friends we have lots of dogs and other weirdo petsall of us could change his hair look not color except Max,Marinda and Amy of course

  5. Now I’ll introduce you to the houses Greena

  6. Amy, could change her hair to only pink and purple Likes animals

  7. Ronda I went to the 1park

  8. Melanie

  9. Marinda could change anything as long as she is black

  10. Mandy

  11. Max, he could change his look any way And he is the only boy

  12. Hi max Hi I only added a green mat for you In the 1park Thanx, where can I find my friends I'm coming Thanx you are invited to my house

  13. Hi Hi guys Coming Your invited to my house

  14. At my house

  15. From here

  16. Now why are we here To have fun talk together and have fun

  17. Cant anybody talk with me I'm coming

  18. I'm coming What about me

  19. What about me Ok Ill introduce you to Katie, she could talk to you Hi !!

  20. Where does she live Up on the sky

  21. After the fun they had to sleep in their houses

  22. At the morning in 2park Ronda , do you want to come to my house today Of course lets go now

  23. Hey where did Ronda and Katie go I could know from my jewelry

  24. I want to see Ronda and Katie

  25. Come from here Cool house

  26. No maybe Katie wanted Ronda only Do we go there They are in Katie's house Yeah I think we should stay here and continue playing Max is right continue playing and ill go my house to see what's happening by my jewelry

  27. My dear ,dear jewelry what's happening in Katie's house

  28. Abracadabra change Ronda’s cloth and take the dog to her house my kitten will get scared

  29. Cool I'm pink and I have a kitten

  30. PLAY! What will we do? With the kittens What? OK!!!!!!!!!?!

  31. Hi guys What? where are you?

  32. My nice ,nice jewelry what are my friends doing

  33. COOL!

  34. I have to enter there now

  35. Hi guys HI! WHERE IS MAX? He should be with us Ok bye

  36. My nice ,nice jewelry where is max

  37. Ill try again My nice ,nice jewelry where is max

  38. Maybe he is….. No that’s impossible. Ill go to my house

  39. We don’t know Guys what? why are you here. Something is controlling us were not moving ourselves Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hey where did you you go

  41. My dear, dear jewelry don’t do an error what is controlling them

  42. Hahahahahai nobody could stop me hahahahahai

  43. That’s impossible Max is in a error how? I have to check on Katie and Ronda

  44. Are they crazy or what No, somebody is controlling them? Katie, Ronda everyone have go out of control Exactly Come and help

  45. - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! what's the problem WHERE ARE YOU? I have to go to max

  46. Max are you ok? Is there any problem Shut everybody is in another world haaaaaahai MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX? Max who's max

  47. Kony That’s me Greena don’t you remember me.