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Senior Parent College Application Night

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Senior Parent College Application Night

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Senior Parent College Application Night

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  1. Senior Parent College Application Night Shawnee High School September 20, 2012

  2. Purpose of Senior Parent Night • Assist you with the college application process. • Discuss application procedures, transcript requests, letters of recommendation, standardized testing, Naviance and the new online process.

  3. College Visits/Interview Visits • Take campus tour • Visit library, cafeteria, dorms • Talk with students The Interview • This is a good way for schools to know YOU and not what is on paper. • Be yourself- there are no right/wrong answers. • Be able to state why you are interested in that particular school. * College visits/interviews are excused with a letter from the college on school letterhead.*

  4. College Fairs • Thursday, 11/1-Atlantic City Convention Center • 9 am-12 pm & 6-8:30 pm • Sunday, 11/4-PA Convention Center, Philadelphia • 11 am- 3 pm • Over 200 colleges

  5. How many schools should I apply to? • Reach 1-2 • Good Match 2-3 • Safe 1-2 • Think about major, location, size, setting (rural/urban/suburban), extracurricular activities. • Realistic evaluation of each college’s admission requirements (grades, standardized test scores, required high school courses).

  6. Top Factors for College 1.Grades in Academic Core Courses – Grades in AP, honors, or level 2 courses 2. Strength of Curriculum – Both the amount of course work you complete in high school and the quality of those courses 3. Admission Test Scores – Scores on either the SAT or ACT (most schools accept both interchangeably) 4. High School Grade Point Average – Calculated by dividing the total number of grade points received by the total number attempted • Source: National Association for College Admission Counseling

  7. From Rowan’s Website…. • High School PreparationYou must have completed a minimum of 16 college-preparatory units in high school. Your high school curriculum should include (at minimum) the following: 4 units - English2 units - Laboratory Science*3 units -College Prep Mathematics* (Algebra I and II, and Geometry)2 units - Social Studies5 units - Additional work in at least two of the following: History, Languages (minimum 2 units in one language), Mathematics, Science or English. • *Engineering applicants should have 3 units of laboratory science including physics and chemistry and 4 units of college prep. math including pre-calculus. Calculus is strongly recommended.

  8. University of Delaware recommends: The University expects all applicants to have completed strong college prep course work: Subject Years RequiredYears Recommended English 4 4 Math 3 4 Science 3 (2 must include lab) 4 (3 must include lab) History 4 4 Foreign Language 2 of same 4 of same Academic Electives 2 units 2 units Total 18 20-22

  9. GPA/Rank • All seniors will receive their Rank and GPA in homeroom in September. • Unweighted is on a 4.0 scale • Weighted is on a 6.0 scale • Top 15% weighted rank = NJ Star • Transcript reflects weighted & unweighted GPA & Rank

  10. Standardized Tests • SAT’ (SAT Reasoning Test) • ACT’ (ACT with writing) • SAT Subject Tests are specific one hour content area tests used by a small percentage of colleges. Be sure to confirm if the colleges to which you are applying require these tests and plan accordingly. • Send scores to Shawnee High School-CEEB-310763 & colleges of your choice • NCAA contenders must send scores to NCAA Clearinghouse: 9999 • You must send Standardized Test scores to colleges directly from the testing agency: College Board (SAT’s)- ACT- • AP scores must be sent directly from College Board. • We recommend that students take SAT’s twice junior year and once senior year.

  11. Test Dates SAT’s- at Cherokee HS October 6, 2012 January 26, 2013 November 3, 2012 (Deadline 10/4) March 9, 2013 December 1, 2012 May 4, 2013 June 1, 2013 ACT’s September 8, 2012 February 9, 2013 October 27, 2012 (Seneca-Deadline 9/21) April 13, 2013 December 8, 2012 June 8, 2013 (Seneca)

  12. BCC CAP COURSES • If your child has taken any course as a CAP course you will need to request a transcript directly from BCC (it will not show as CAP on the HS transcript). • • October-BCC CAP registration @ Shawnee

  13. Shawnee is going GREEN…With the College Application Process • Online applications • Online teacher recommendation letters • Electronic submission of transcripts and letters

  14. Family Connection Powered by NAVIANCE • Create a resume • Personality/learning style inventories • Explore careers/career profiler • Search colleges • Full length SAT practice tests • Apply for scholarships • Track transcripts and letters of recommendation Username: Password: StudentID#

  15. Teacher Recommendations • Ask two teachers politely in person. Give teachers at least two weeks notice. • Put teacher recommendation request in Naviance 1. Click on Colleges 2. Click on Colleges I’m Applying To 3.Click Add/Cancel Requests 4. Select teacher’s name from drop down bar 5. Click Update Requests • Check Naviance to see when letters have been completed. • When teachers write you a letter, they will also fill out the common application teacher form electronically. **Teacher letters should be completed when you are requesting transcripts** • Counselors will automatically fill out all required forms electronically. • If you have any outside letters, you will need to send them on your own.

  16. Types of College Admissions • Early decision is a contract between you and the college. You can only apply to 1 school early decision. If you are accepted, you MUST attend. BINDING contract! • Early action is more flexible. You do not have to commit to the college if you are accepted. You can apply to multiple schools. NON-BINDING contract! • Rolling Admission-Applications are evaluated as they are received. • Regular Decision- decisions are made once ALL applications have been received by deadline. • Priority/VIP Applications – If the school gives you one of these apps AND they accept the common application – YOU MUST fill out the COMMON APP- you can ask the school to give you a code so that the application is free!!! Pay attention to deadlines

  17. Ways to Apply • Online • Go to the individual college website. • You will create a username and password. • Fill out the entire application online. • Common Application- • You will create a username and password. • Fill out once for multiple schools • Some schools have supplemental forms as well ** If a college accepts the Common Application & also has its own online application, you MUST apply using the Common Application for us to be able to send electronic documents**

  18. Application and Transcript Process We MUST have parental release of academic records on file or the transcript will not be sent (attached) • Complete the application online using the college’s website or Common App website. • Submit a Transcript Request Form (attached) to the Registrar in the Counseling Center. Please allow up to two weeks. *You need a Transcript Request Form for each college.* • The Counselor will electronically submit all required documentation-transcripts, letters, etc. Students should check Naviance to ensure that teacher letters are completed.

  19. Rutgers The Rutgers application process is unique • Apply online on Rutgers website • Self report your grades on Rutgers website • Send your SAT/ACT scores directly from testing agency to Rutgers. Rutgers does not want a high school transcript or recommendation letters. If you plan to attend, you will send a final transcript in June.

  20. DEADLINES Please leave at least 2 weeks for the transcript request to be processed. • Deadlines approach quickly • Check individual college websites to verify deadlines We CANNOT honor same day requests for transcripts

  21. Mid-Year Grades • We do NOT automatically send mid-year grades. • Mid-year grades-Students must submit a mid year grade request form to the Registrar in the Counseling Center.

  22. College Athletics Students who are planning to play in a Division I, II sport need to complete the following: 1. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center: • Send official test scores from College Board/ACT to NCAA • Send high school transcript to NCAA-request electronically through NCAA website.

  23. BCC Spring Ahead Program • Fall-Attend BCC informational meeting at Shawnee & fill out free application- • January-Transcript request form due to Counseling Center • February-BCC placement tests at Shawnee. Exempt if scored 540 in Critical Reading and/or 530 in Math on SAT’s or ACT Reading-23 and/or Math-20 (Must have applied and sent transcript by January in order to take test) • May-Trip to BCC to register for classes (Must have applied, sent transcript & taken placement test in order to attend)

  24. Military ASVAB-Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (Military entrance exam) • Each branch has required entrance score • ASVAB administered in December at Shawnee-sign up in Counseling Center

  25. Things to do….NOW • Submit parental release of academic records • Counselor will meet with seniors to review college application process • Know where you plan to apply • Ask teachers for recommendation letters (2) and request through Naviance • Finish standardized testing • APPLY-**pay attention to deadlines** • Early action/decision deadlines are October and early November • Rutgers-early action deadline of November 1st; Regular decision deadline of December 1st • Most applications should be completed by December 1st

  26. Scholarships • Mr. Darren Welsh– Chairperson • Check the Shawnee Scholarship page & Naviance : • Complete local scholarship packet (available in February)

  27. FINANCIAL AID • Visit Financial Aid to request a password • Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online after January 1st • Check college deadlines for FAFSA • NJ Stars must apply for financial aid Financial Aid Night October 25, 2012 7:00 PM Shawnee HS

  28. Shawnee News • Visit the counseling center’s website: • Each month the Shawnee eNewsletter is

  29. Counselor Contact Information CounselorLast NamesPhoneEmail Ms. Michelle Torrence A-B x4416 Mr. Kevin Looney C-D x4408 Mr. Gary Hill E-Ha x4419 Mrs. Mary Alice Horos He-Man x4411 Mrs. Helene Welde Mar-Pi x4451 Mr. Darren Welsh Pl-So x4451 Mrs. Erin O’Neill Sp-Z x4402 Mrs. Heidi Krihak SAC x4413 Shawnee-609-654-7544

  30. Thanks for coming!!See you at Graduation!!!