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Universal Waste Action Plan

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Universal Waste Action Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Universal Waste Action Plan. February 8, 2006. What is Household Hazardous Waste?. Common household products that are poisonous, explosive, ignitable, or corrosive, such as: Automotive products ( motor oil, antifreeze, etc) Paints Solvents Cleaning products

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Universal Waste Action Plan

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what is household hazardous waste
What is Household Hazardous Waste?
  • Common household products that are poisonous, explosive, ignitable, or corrosive, such as:
    • Automotive products (motor oil, antifreeze, etc)
    • Paints
    • Solvents
    • Cleaning products
    • Pesticides, Herbicides & Insecticides
what is universal waste
What is Universal Waste?
  • Hazardous waste that US EPA & DTSC determined:
    • Poses a lower risk to people and the environment
    • Is generated widely by households and small businesses
    • Has reduced management requirements
why is u waste an issue today
Why is U-waste an Issue Today?
  • Temporary “exemption” allowing continued disposal some u-waste in household trash expiresFebruary 8, 2006
  • Sufficient infrastructure for collection & recycling not developed during exemption
  • The problem for local government:
    • Increased volumes of material at HHW facilities
    • Need to inform public how & where to dispose of U-Waste
    • $40+ Million estimated annual cost to local jurisdictions for collection, handling & management
today s ban impacts
Today’s Ban Impacts….
  • Small batteries
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Consumer electronics not covered by SB 20/50
what we ve been doing
What We’ve Been Doing…
  • Focused last five HHW Grant Cycles on U-Waste
  • Piloted local retail take-back options
  • Board approved contract concept for development of model HHW/Used Oil collection facilities
  • Provided outreach at HHWIE bi-monthly meetings
  • Streamlined Form 303 data collection to include U-waste and E-waste
  • Focused sessions on U-Waste at last Annual HHW Conference
  • Posted advisory to LEAs on U-waste (P&E)
short term priorities next two weeks
Short Term Priorities(Next Two Weeks)
  • HHW Grant cycle to focus on U-waste (Feb 2006)
  • Web page revisions to highlight U-Waste & link with DTSC and local jurisdiction web pages
  • Outreach efforts continuing
    • One page fact sheet, stickers and posters
    • Creating CD-ROM with outreach materials for locals
    • Radio PSAs
    • Press Kits
    • Press Releases
mid term priorities next 30 180 days
Mid Term Priorities(Next 30-180 Days)
  • Award Grants for coordination planning by counties
  • Award Infrastructure Grants for locals (August 2006)

$ 4 million for competitive U-Waste projects:

    • Build new facilities or expand existing facilities
    • Targeted U-waste programs
  • Develop How-To Guides on setting up local programs (w/ DTSC)
  • Continue Outreach
    • Create 15 and 30 second video PSAs for distribution to statewide markets
    • Incorporate U-waste at other conference and public events
longer term priorities next 6 12 months
Longer Term Priorities(Next 6-12 Months)
  • Corporate Outreach
    • RFP for Corporate Relation Services to conduct outreach to major retailers to implement take-back
  • Product stewardship initiatives including manufacturer responsibility
  • Annual HHW grants for facilities
  • Transitional & Long Term Financing Options
    • RFP to explore models, e.g. 3rd Party Organizations, deposit/incentive system, advanced disposal fee, take-back, etc.
recommended board action to support u waste action plan
Recommended Board Action to Support U-waste Action Plan
  • Approve Feb. 2006 HHW Grant Criteria
    • Coordination Grants to local jurisdictions
    • U-waste as priority competitive grant focus
  • Approve IWMA funded Allocation Concept for U-Waste financing options
  • Approve IWMA funded Allocation Concept for statewide U-Waste outreach
    • For Corporate Relations Services to major California retailers to implement take-back