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A Picture of Thyme Field in Gozler PowerPoint Presentation
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A Picture of Thyme Field in Gozler

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A Picture of Thyme Field in Gozler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Picture of Thyme Field in Gozler
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  1. A Picture of Thyme Field in Gozler

  2. Gozler Agricultural Development Co-operative, which has been established in 2001, is one of the biggest thyme farming organisation. • The cultivated species is the Origanum onites.

  3. The products of Gozler Agricultural Development Co-operative consists of thyme oil, thyme water and thyme spices. • All of these items are produced in the own processing plants which are regularly renovated after the recommendation of consultants. • Our company is producing 100% pure thyme spices and thyme oil .

  4. The genus Origanum is characterized by a large morphological and chemical diversity. • Origanum is accepted as a volatile yielding plant. • It is encountered western and southern coastal areas of Turkey

  5. Known since ancient times as a medicinal herb • A powerful antiseptic, thyme oil is one of the world's strongest antioxidants. • The essential oils of Origanum species have been proven to have antibacterial , antifungal and antioxidant activities.

  6. Origanum is accepted as a volatile plants which consists of carvacrol and thymol type of essential oils. • Thyme oil contains large amounts of thymol and carvacrol, which have been studied for its effect on gingivitis and plaque-causing organisms in the mouth. • Carvacrol and thymol are phenolic compounds, they are well known for their antioxidant effects.

  7. And also thyme species are tradionality used in natural remedies for asthma, indigestion, headache and rheumatism. • Thyme species are used as powerful disinfectants, flavouring agents, in perfumes and in scenting soaps. • Dried thyme leaves and essential oils are used by the flavouring industry in various liquear formulations, tomato sauces, condiments, in baked goods.

  8. The most common method used for the ısolation of essential oils from natural products is steam distillation. • We distill our products exclusively by water steam distillation.

  9. Quality and Quantity of Essential Oil Of O.onites fromGozler, Denızlı, Turkey RI:Retention İndeks Essential oils were characterized using GCxGC/TOF-MS Analysed by: Ozkan KUTLULAR /Chemist Pamukkale University Faculty of Science&Art Chemistry Department

  10. The percentages of essential oils from O. Onites was found 3,63%.

  11. Thyme Processing Factory

  12. Thyme spices

  13. We look forword your early reply, we remain….