S easonal a ffective d isorder jb leiknes
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S easonal A ffective D isorder JB Leiknes. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Mood disorder People who are normally happy experience depressive symptoms during winter months “Winter-blues” or “winter depression” More prevalent in nordic countries

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S easonal a ffective d isorder jb leiknes

Seasonal Affective Disorder

JB Leiknes

Seasonal affective disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Mood disorder

  • People who are normally happy experience depressive symptoms during winter months

  • “Winter-blues” or “winter depression”

  • More prevalent in nordic countries

  • First described by scholar Jordanes in the 6th century in his book Getica1

  • Most prevalent during winter months but can occur during other seasons [Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder]

Classification of sad
Classification of SAD

  • In order to qualify as SAD a diagnosis must meet 4 criteria2:

    • Depressive periods at a particular time of year

    • Relapse into depression or mania/hypomania at a particular time of year

    • Pattern of depression lasting two or more years with no nonseasonal major depressive episodes during the same period

    • The instances of depression following a seasonal pattern must outnumber other instances of depression throughout patient's life


  • Believed to be light-related

    • Evidence: effectiveness of light-therapy3

  • Serotonin polymorphisms4

    • Association between SAD and the shorter allele of the serotonin transporter promoter repeat length polymorphism (5-HTTLPR)‏

  • Mutation in the gene expressing melanopsin

    • Photopigment found in retina, participates in circadian rhythm


  • Primarily concerning winter-based SAD

    • Light therapy

      • Bright light therapy/dawn simulation5

    • Medication

    • Timed administration of the hormone melatonin

  • Main theory behind treatment is adjustment of circadian rhythm via use of light or hormones/medicaments to mimic or induce the body's own mechanisms of circadian rhythm

Cultural impact
Cultural Impact

  • Light cafés

  • Commercially available bright-lights


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