Psychology of social and emotional development
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Psychology of Social and Emotional Development. Daniel Messinger, Ph.D. Today. Introducing social and emotional development Introducing what and how we will study social and emotional development. Overview. Social and emotional development are intertwined.

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Psychology of social and emotional development l.jpg

Psychology of Social andEmotional Development

Daniel Messinger, Ph.D.

Today l.jpg

  • Introducing social and emotional development

  • Introducing what and how we will study social and emotional development

Overview l.jpg

  • Social and emotional development are intertwined.

  • Emotional development typically studied in social contexts.

Social beings l.jpg
Social Beings

  • We are social beings, living with others, thinking about others, motivated by others.

    • A human brain without a social upbringing is similar to a cabbage.

      • Geertz

  • One chimpanzee is no chimpanzee.

    • Lorenz

  • Importance of social development l.jpg
    Importance of social development

    • Development is never in isolation

    • Infants have physical need for caregiving

      • As mammals, our infants will not survive unless we feed them, change them, keep them warm.

    • Harlow: Rhesus monkeys raised with food but without social contact become

      • inept social partners

      • aggressive or fearful

      • have trouble finding mates.

    Scope of social development l.jpg
    Scope of social development

    • Social development is attaining the capacity to fill social roles

      • Family roles

      • Work roles

      • Romantic roles

    • Topics typically include family and peer relationships, sex roles, self-control, moral development, and resilience in the face of social stressors.

    Emotional beings l.jpg
    Emotional Beings

    • Emotions may motivate all human action.

    • Emotions involve appraisals, feelings, autonomic responses, cerebral activity, and actions including facial and vocal behavior.

    • These often occur in a social context.

    Emotional development l.jpg
    Emotional Development

    • Includes changes in all the constituents of emotion.

    • Typically involves study of the emergence of different emotional responses, and the socialization of emotions.

    • Emotional development within a social context is the course’s first topic.

    Course in a nutshell l.jpg
    Course in a Nutshell

    • Intensive study of several areas of socioemotional development.

    • Intensive reading of original sources, writing about the original sources, and discussion of the original sources.

      • A lot of internet stuff.

    Class description l.jpg
    Class description

    • Critical questions class-by-class

      • Focus of class sessions

      • Weekly papers

    • Critical questions, final project

      • Select for in-depth study

      • Final paper

    • Empirical project

    • Honors credit available

    • Research opportunities

      • Psych 367-368

    • Syllabus

    Practical l.jpg

    • Requirements for next class

      • Choose a preliminary idea for a final paper

        • Bring this to class

        • Send this idea to the class using Blackboard

          • Register your email with the University to have access to Blackboard

    • In general

      • This is a research-oriented class

      • You will be reading and writing about original research articles

      • You will be expected to complete a mini-research project as part of this class

    Introductions l.jpg

    • Your name

    • Your guess for a final project topic

      • Or what you are narrowing it down to

      • Or what you definitely don’t want to do