Prayer ideas for children
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Pray. with. your. Prayer ideas for children. Body. Praying with your body. Did you know that you can worship Jesus with your body as well as with your heart and spirit ? God loves it when we love Him with all our heart , soul , strength and mind (Mat.22:37).

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Prayer ideas for children




Prayer ideas for children


Praying with your body
Praying with your body

  • Did you know that you can worship Jesus with your body as well as with your heart and spirit?

  • God loves it when we love Him with all our heart, soul, strength and mind(Mat.22:37).

  • There are many different postures you can take in prayer and the Bible is filled with examples!

  • You do not NEED to do this, but in its own special way, each posture or position is a way you can outwardly show Jesus what is in your heart by expressing it in a physical way!

Monday kneeling
Monday: Kneeling

  • Kneeling is one way to show Jesus you are entering into His presence and accept that He will answer your prayer in the way that is best for you.

  • It is a physical way to humble yourself before Jesus.

  • You can kneel down when you have an important prayer request you want to bring before God.

  • You may always kneel when you pray to show honour to Him.

  • You can kneel on a map to pray for the nations.

Tuesday standing
Tuesday: Standing

  • Standing shows Him that you take your position before Him.

  • It shows that you are waiting for Him to tell you what to do.

  • You can ask Him about a problem you are facing, and then wait to listen what He says to you.

  • Standing also means you can just be quiet before Him, with your heart and eyes set on Him.

Wednesday raising hands
Wednesday: Raising hands

  • Raising your hands is one way that shows Jesus that you are reaching out towards Him.

  • It is a way to praise and glorify Him, or to ask something with your arms open in order to receive it.

  • You can also sing Him a song, telling Him how much you love Him.

Thursday walking
Thursday: Walking

  • Walking is a practical way you can outwardly show the intention of your heart to follow Jesus in His ways, to show Him that you are ready for His direction or plans.

  • Pray for the school, church, hospital or shopping centre every time you walk into the building or onto the sports field.

  • Anywhere you walk, always look around you, asking Jesus to show you what He sees, and pray about it to Him.

Friday bowing
Friday: Bowing

  • Bowing shows Jesus that you honour Him and feel humble because He is so wonderful and powerful and supplies in your needs.

  • Sometimes you can do this by only bowing your head while waiting in a row/prayer before a meal.

  • You can do this when you want to say thank you to Jesus because of who He is when He has answered one of your prayer requests.

Saturday on your face
Saturday: On your face

  • Whenever someone was overcome by Jesus' presence in Bible times, they would fall down on their faces.

  • It shows Jesus that He is so awesome and that you are overcome by His love for you.

  • You can do this after you have had your quiet time or prayer time.

  • When lying down, you do not need to do anything but think or meditate upon Jesus' greatness in your life.

Sunday dancing
Sunday: Dancing

  • Every time God gave a great victory, the people will gather to feast and dance with joy.

  • When we dance before the Lord, it shows Jesus that we are so thankful for the things He has done in your life this week.

  • Always remember to say thank you to Jesus for answering your prayers.