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Digitizing Your Documents. Planning for digitization. Plan, Plan, Plan. Define your goals What do you own? Why do you want to digitize it? Who will use your collection?. Will You ?. Build your collection alone? Work with others?. Do You Have.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Digitizing your documents

Digitizing Your Documents

Planning for digitization

Plan plan plan
Plan, Plan, Plan

Define your goals

What do you own?

Why do you want to digitize it?

Who will use your collection?

Will you
Will You?

Build your collection alone?

Work with others?

Do you have
Do You Have

Available funding for digitizing your


Trained staff?

Equipment and server storage?

Process for managing digitization ?


Is your funding -

Adequate to meet your goals?

Sustainable over time?


Are your staff or students trained to-

Create accessible quality digital images?

Preserve digital images for the long term?

Will you be able to
Will You be Able to

Train new staff or students?

Allocate funds for training?

Share the work with others?

Equipment and file storage
Equipment and File Storage

What are your long term digitization plans?

Digitize once or twice a year?

Large annual digitization projects?

What formats do you plan to digitize?

Text documents?




Initial costs

Recurring costs

Consider other options

Digital storage and preservation
Digital Storage and Preservation

Where will your digital images live?

How will your users access them?

How will you preserve them?

Managing the digitization process
Managing the Digitization Process

Have you created workflows for your

digitization work?

How do you plan to monitor the work and

track progress?

Reasons to record your work
Reasons to Record Your Work




Let s stop and review
Let’s stop and review

Your digital project plan is complete

You know where the digital images will live

You know the importance of managing

the digitization process

More planning
More Planning





You will benefit from having policies


What should be digitized

How it will be digitized

Where the digitized images will live

Additional policies
Additional Policies

Equipment use

Care and handling

Digital image creation

Master image access

Document your best practices
Document Your Best Practices

Digital image creation

Quality control review


Examples of standards best practices
Examples of Standards/Best Practices

  • Standards Related to Digital Imaging of Pictorial Materials-www.loc.gov/rr/print/tp/DigitizationStandardsPictorial.pdf

  • Western States Digital Imaging Best Practices - http://www.bcr.org/cdp/best/digital-imaging-bp.pdf

  • California Digital Library – Guidelines for Digital Objects -


Record and track your work
Record and Track Your Work

Project requests

Project deadlines

Project progress

One suggestion
One Suggestion

Create a digitization request form that includes:

The number of images

The format

The deliverables required

The deadline

Digital scanning
Digital Scanning

Create images following your best practices guidelines

Follow the maxim to scan once

Follow any special instructions when handling fragile materials

Quality control review
Quality Control Review

Follow your best practices guidelines

Review the initial request

Inspect images for machine and human

scanning errors

Rescan, if necessary

Digital content management
Digital Content Management

And finally-

Who will manage the digital images over time?

Additional information
Additional Information

  • http://www.library.cornell.edu/preservation/tutorial/

  • http://www.bcr.org/cdp/best/digital-imaging-bp.pdf

  • http://lib.colostate.edu/repository/

    Please contact us if you have any questions

Digitizing your documents

Thank you

Beth Oehlerts, Metadata Management Librarian

Beth.Oehlerts@colostate.edu/ 491-1827