sugar energy food for cool dudes n.
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Sugar-Energy Food for Cool Dudes! PowerPoint Presentation
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Sugar-Energy Food for Cool Dudes!

Sugar-Energy Food for Cool Dudes!

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Sugar-Energy Food for Cool Dudes!

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  1. Sugar-Energy Food for Cool Dudes! • Delicious white crystals! • BUT… What do we really know about sugar?

  2. SUGAR

  3. The history of sugar. • Cane sugar was first used by man in Polynesia from where it spread to India in 510bc. • Sugar beet was first identified as a source of sugar in 1747ad. • Sugar is produced in 121 countries and global production now exceeds 120 million tons a year.

  4. An Investigation by Year 6 From Petersfield Primary School

  5. Sugar-Wise Energise! • Sugar for natural energy to run life’s race! • To much sugar could make you look like this! • Sweet and luscious- but too VICIOUS! Think about what you eat before you eat it. “Marge can you get me a beer, mmm beer!

  6. Where is it found? • Sugar is natural! It’s found in sugar beet, grown near where we live (in East Anglia, England) and in sugar cane; grown all over the world. • Sugar converts the sun’s energy (through photosynthesis). Changes in the leaves help to store sweet energy in the root- the beets store sugar.

  7. What is the purpose of sugar? • We all use sugar in cookery. • We need carbohydrates in order to maintain our sugar levels. • Factories use natural sugar to make manufactured foods taste sweet and inviting.

  8. What foods are sugar in? • Watch out!!!! • Sugar is hidden in lots of foods-and drinks to make them taste sweet. • LOOK ON THE LABELS!!! • Here are some examples of foods containing sugar.

  9. WARNING!!!!!!!!!! • CHECK THE LABELS!!!!!!!!

  10. What is the chemical sugar? • The white stuff we know as sugar is called sucrose. It’s a molecule composed of 12 atoms of carbon, 22 atoms of hydrogen, and 11 atoms of oxygen (C12H22O11)! WOW!!!!! That’simpressive!

  11. What is sugar like? • We know sugar as a white crystalline solid on our tables. • BUT watch out-Not too much in your food- • SUGAR wise- energise!

  12. Amazing Sugar. Fact file. • Sugar, (the word stems from the Sanskritsharkara) consists of a class of edible crystalline substances including sucrose, lactose, and fructose. Human taste-buds interpret its flavor as sweet. Sugar as a basic foodcarbohydrate primarily comes from sugar cane and from sugar beet, but also appears in sorghum, as sugar maple (in maple syrup), and from many other sources. It forms the main ingredient in most sweets. Excessive consumption of sugar is associated with damage to ones teeth and with obesity.

  13. We researched animals very close to home which eat sugar. • Do you know that horses eat sugar? • Tess, a 14 hands horse belonging to George, loves sugar beet pellets. • Those who are sure that they or their animals should eat sugar to give them energy should give them a sensible amount. • Sugar Wise- Energise!