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Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita Gadadara Srivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda. Week# 262 Apr 26, 2013. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies North Carolina, USA. Guru Tattva

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Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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  1. Sri KrsnaCaitanyaPrabhuNityananda Sri AdvaitaGadadaraSrivasadi GauraBhaktaVrinda Week# 262 Apr 26, 2013 Hare Krsna Hare Krsna KrsnaKrsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare GokulBhajan & Vedic Studies North Carolina, USA

  2. Guru Tattva Five Simple Questions!

  3. Are they are real? Are they all same? Whom should I follow?

  4. Every soul is not at the same level Interest in Spirituality comes only when one has accumulated sukrti…

  5. Only a very small fraction of the souls are trapped inside material worlds due to their desire to enjoy away from Krsna

  6. Five Simple Questions Is liberation possible without a Guru? Do all saints have guru? Is attaining Krsna possible without guru? Why do I need a guru? Why does one refuse to take a guru?

  7. 1. Is Liberation possible without a Guru? • What is termed as Liberation ? • Attaining Brahman? • Attaining any of 5 kinds of mukti?

  8. Mukta Jiva = Liberated and living in spiritual world Baddha Jiva & Mukta Jiva BaddhaJiva = Bound in Worldly Maya

  9. Five Kinds of Liberation • Sayujya - Become one with Lord • Brahma Sayujya (Jnani) • Ishvara Sayujya (Yogi) • Salokya - Live with Lord on same planet • Sarupya - To have the same form as Lord • Sarshti - To enjoy same opulences as Lord • Samipya - To live as companion of the Lord

  10. Brahma ańga-kānti tāńra, Nirviśeṣa prakāśe Sūrya yena carma-cakṣe, Jyotir maya bhāse

  11. Are all Gurus same! • Is fifth grade teacher teaches samething as a college teacher? • Unlimited destinations in Spiritual World • Different Gurus coming from different planes of the Spiritual world.. • Souls choose the guru as per their Svarupa and level of consciousness

  12. Lower levels of consciousness Minute Species Insects Birds Beasts (Animals) Human Human beings are given with ‘Nara’ sastras.

  13. Higher levels of consciousness Gandarvas Vidyadharas Caranas Kimpurushas Angels Demi-gods

  14. So many levels of Consciousness! rudrādityā vasavo ye ca sādhyā viśve 'śvinau marutaś coṣmapāś ca gandharva-yakṣāsura-siddha-sańghā vīkṣante tvāḿ vismitāś caiva sarve- B.G 11.22 All the various manifestations of Lord Śiva, the Ādityas, the Vasus, the Sādhyas, the Viśvedevas, the two Aśvīs, the Maruts, the forefathers, the Gandharvas, the Yakṣas, the Asuras and the perfected demigods are beholding You in wonder.

  15. How many of you remember the Chile mining disaster in 2010? (33 miners, 700 meters below for 17+ days)

  16. Baddha jivas are the fallen souls. Krishna arranges to send His devotees to come down to save us..

  17. Who is a fallen soul? “Anyone who is not able to chant the holy names of the Lord at least 64 rounds a day (1 lakh names), he is clearly fallen” – Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami

  18. What does Chanting do?

  19. 2. Do all saints have guru?

  20. Many may not know about Guru Nanak of Sikhs

  21. Srinivasaye ViswambharaKirtan madyare viharNanak Saranga ye duiRupa Sanatana duibhaiJagai Madhai ekatraKirtan Karanti Nritya Painting of Guru Nanak at Jagannath Puri, Orissa

  22. Lord Caitanya asked Guru Nanak to protect the Sanatan Dharma like warriors. But they now become soldiers to protect the land.

  23. Kabir’s Initiation Kabir was a Muslim Who wanted to have a Guru He knew a Guru holds the key So he went to Ramananda Ramananda was a Hindu. Who refused many times For initiating a Muslim. So Kabir devised a plan. He dug a hole on a night And hid covered with grass On the path to the river Where Ramananda comes

  24. Ramananda stepped on Kabir, And yelled the mantra, “Ram Ram”, Kabir jumped up and bowed to him And took the mantra home. He held the mantra in his heart Repeated without a stop, Through that blessed mantra Kabir saw the Lord. Kabir sank in ecstasy Spoke and composed songs When asked about his Guru He said it was Ramananda.

  25. News went to Ramananda Who was well known by name “I do not know this person. His words spoil my name.” He ordered the public, To dispute the claim. Kabir was brought to the crowd And put in front of every one! Ramananda asked in anger “Tell us who is your Guru?” “It's you!” kabir bowed. “You gave me the mantra”

  26. “..You refused many times. So I dug a hole in your path. You stepped on me where I was And yelled me the mantra” Ramananda took off his slipper, Exclaiming, “What lies you've said!' And in anger said,“Ram Ram”, As his slipper hit Kabir's head ! "Ah,” spoke Kabir smiling, "Perhaps my words were lies, Now you have given me initiation In front of all these people!”

  27. Ramananda’’s heart softened. “Your words are true Kabir! The Lord has honored you. My blessings now you have ” Even Lord takes up guru But you do not need a guru! Because you know better than Lord, As you drown in the well hard ! Find a master who stirs your heart, Who's found him as Lord’s part. The mantra he gives you for sure Will set your heart on fire !

  28. Two divisions of Sastras and worship.. Paramārtha – higher transcendental literatures based on Sruti (which is revealed) Smārta – literatures based on Smrti (which is remembered) [Smrti is secondary to Sruti]

  29. Once Kabir came to know about a new Ram temple opening in South India.. He collected special waters from the Tirthas, and went.. But what happened?

  30. 3. Is attaining Krishna possible without a guru? Look at Brahma!

  31. How shoud one approach Krishna ? Prathaman tu gurum pūjyām Tataś caiva mamārcanam Kurvan siddhim avāpnoti hy Anyathā niṣphalam bhavet (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 4.344) Lord Kṛṣṇa says,”One must always worship one’s guru first and only then worship Me. When one follows this gets perfection, but if one neglects this process, everything will be fruitless (or useless).

  32. Samsāra-dāvānala-līdha-loka Trāņaya kāruņya ghanāghanatvam Prāptasya kalyāņa guņārņavasya Vande guroh sri caraņāravindam (01) Just as a rain cloud extinguishes a blazing forest fire by showering its rain, Sri Gurudeva, by his rain of divine mercy, delivers the people burning in the fire of material existence, suffering the threefold miseries. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva, who is an ocean of auspicious qualities.

  33. Who can be a guru? Kibā vipra, kibā nyāsī, Sūdra kene naya Yei krșņa-tattva-vettā, Sei guru haya (C.C. Madhya 8.128) “Whether one is a brahmana, a sannyasi or a sudra -- regardless of what he is -- he can become a spiritual master if he knows the science of Krsna."

  34. According to Padma Purana, Four sampradayas are authorized for the age to attain Lord Krishna, or Lord Vishnu, or Lord Narayana

  35. 4. Do I need a Guru? School – “Cary, Morrisville – move there!” Kinderkarten? – “Come on, Let’s get montisery!” Tennis – ‘Do you know any good teacher?’ Music – “I need a teacher from authentic parampara!” Medical problem – “I need a 2nd opinion” For Spiritual help – I can do it by myself!

  36. Even God takes up Guru.. Question: Who is the guru of Lord Krishna? Sandipani? Garga Muni..

  37. Fully Obeying and surrendering to Guru is the only way to get his blessing and mercy Krishna went out even to collect fire wood for his guru.

  38. #02 narāyaņo ‘pi vikrtim yāti guroh pracyu-tasya durbuddheh kamalam jalād apetam soșayati ravir na poșayati ..…(Jaladakhyana Samhita) [When a lotus flower is situated in water, the rays of the sun cause it to blossom. The same sun, however, will wither a lotus which is not situated in water. In this example, the disciple is compared to the lotus, Sri Guru to water, and the Supreme Lord to the sun]

  39. 5. Why does one refuse to take a guru? • Ego • Lack of Sukrti • Bad Association

  40. Guru is a special mercy of Krishna If you pray to Krishna, He will give you a Guru.. If you have a Guru, he will give you Krishna

  41. A-04.1 Gurudeva! Krpā bindu diyā, koro ei dāse, Trṇāpekṣā ati hīna Sakala sahane, bala diyā koro, Nija-māne sprhā-hīna Sakale sammāna, korite śakati, Deho nātha! Yathā yatha Tabe to’ gāiba, harināma sukhe, Aparādha ha’be hata

  42. A-04.2 Gurudeva! Krpā bindu diyā, koro ei dāse, Trṇāpekṣā ati hīna Kabe heno krpā, labhiyā e jana, Krtārtha hoibe nātha! Śakti-buddhi-hīna, āmi ati dīna, Koro more ātma-sātha Yogyatā-vicāre, kichu nāhi pāi, Tomāra karuṇā sāra Karuṇā nā hoile, kā(n)diyā kā(n)diyā, Prāṇa nā rākhibo āra

  43. Hare Krishna! End of Hari Katha

  44. 18 Main Tattvas (9 Important) Guru Tattva Jiva Tattva Abhideya Tattva Sakti Tattva Nama Tattva Bhagavan Tattva Bhakti Tattva Bhakta Tattva Prema Tattva If we do not understand Guru Tattva, we cannot understand any of the tattvas.

  45. Can you tell at least one Tattva which is not in this list? Guru Tattva Jiva Tattva Abhideya Tattva Sakti Tattva Nama Tattva Bhagavan Tattva Bhakti Tattva Bhakta Tattva Prema Tattva

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