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Fashionable Types of Beautiful Bay Windows PowerPoint Presentation
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Fashionable Types of Beautiful Bay Windows

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Fashionable Types of Beautiful Bay Windows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fashionable Types of Beautiful Bay Windows

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  1. Fashionable Types of Beautiful Bay Windows A bay window serves as a multipurpose to any property. It adds space to a room, lightens & ventilates the room, making the outdoors part of the indoors. In some cases it is used as an alternative to a balcony or porch when the space is constrained. A bay window protrudes outward from the wall of the structure which can be of a house or a building, thereby creating a corner in the interior of the room. Most commonly these windows are angled at 150, 135 & 90 degrees although the homeowner can also order a customized window that suits his interior design. These windows are available in different heights and mostly constructed as squares & polygons. Bay windows have become popular these days and Lordships Windows Ltd offers expertise advice regarding installation requirements for all types of bay windows. Some of the different types of Bay windows are:

  2. Conventional Bay Window: This type of window is constructed utilizing 3 walls. 2 smaller walls created with 45 or 30 degree angles extend to meet an aligned straight wall that extends outwards from the prime exterior wall. The small side wall windows are mostly double-hung windows to give way for ventilation, whereas the prime middle window is an immovable pane of glass because of the heavy roof on top of it. Box Bay Window: A box bay style windows are constructed using a 90 degree angle which forms an extended box shape. Usually, this window design involves a large center window with two small side windows. It does not need any repositioning of walls. This style is best to open up large interior space, and often have a sitting area or storage shelves inside. They are also seen in kitchens as large garden windows which gives a beautiful view. Box bay windows are easy and economical to install. Bow Bay window: This style of bay window is a softer variation of regular angular bay window. They are gently curved as it is made up of a number of segmented window panes at a slight radius, forming a semicircle design. These are popular among English homeowners as it allows a

  3. person to enjoy the outside world while sitting comfortably in their home. It forms an outward curve and can be installed on any floor of a building. It adds space to the interior by extending outward beyond the outside wall of a property. Circle Bay Window: This type of bay window is an extended version of Bow bay window. In this design segment, the window panes create a smooth circular window. It is mostly found in the corner of a building and in bedrooms, master living room & dining corners. These windows can be 6 feet high and may protrude outward from the exterior wall by 2 to 3 feet. The Oriel Bay Window: This design is apt from upper story of a building and is supported by stone or brick brackets. They add space and offers great view of the beauty at the far end like sea view. Lordship Windows is one of North London’s leading windows and doors manufacturers. If you are planning to install bay windows, then we can offer any type of bay window that suits your interior. Call us on 0800 0688566 or you can also visit our website: