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Pest Control Portland PowerPoint Presentation
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Pest Control Portland

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Pest Control Portland
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Pest Control Portland

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  1.       Pest Control Portland The Killers is the name people know they can trust to get a pest control in Portland done right. When you need a Portland exterminator we are the company to call. Pest control in Portland means knowing what type of pests and insects you are dealing with. Our 33 years of experience in extermination services in the Northwest has made us experts in identifying and eliminating the exact pests infesting your home or business. Our reputation for excellent customer service and our style of open communication has made us the go-to name for pest control in Portland. Customer Safe Pest Control From the initial inspection to the complete extermination of pests, we have the expertise to complete the job, every time. However, insect and rodent eliminating is not the only thing we care about. We care about our customers, so we use the least toxic products possible that still deliver complete extermination. Many companies out there claim they have completely safe, eco-friendly pest control products. The truth is these products are toxic too. Some are altered “plant-based” products, and so they are touted as “natural”. We are honest with out customers. We are happy to discuss any concerns you have, and we will not sugar-coat information with unrealistic terms. Many insects and rodents cause a health threat by spreading bacteria and inflaming allergies. Our pest control eliminates that threat. We guarantee that you will not have insects or rodents after we treat your home or office. Starting with a thorough inspection, we know where insects and rodents hide. We root out any and all areas to find exactly what we are dealing with. From there, we customize an extermination plan for your home or business. Our services are guaranteed to eliminate all pests for up to a year. In addition, if you have had damage done to a crawl space due to insects or animals, we eliminate the pests and can also repair the crawl space as well.

  2. When we are done exterminating, you will not see any pests. But, more than that, you can have peace of mind that they are gone from the areas you cannot see, too. After our experienced Portland exterminators are done, your premises will be pest-free! Some of the Pests on our Hit List include: Bed Bug Removal Bee and Wasp Removal • Flea Removal • Rodent Removal • Termite Removal • And More! • • Affordable Pest Control The Killers understands each pest control customer has a unique pest problem and a specific budget. That is why we offer a variety of pest control treatment plans. After our inspection we go over our findings with you. We work with you to find the right treatment plan for you specific pest control needs as well as your budget. We are confident that we have a plan that is right for you.