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  1. Trumpet

  2. What Beginners Need to know • You need to oil the keys daily or else they will get stuck. • You should grease the slides regularly • When you put it away you have to take the mouth piece off or the trumpet will not fit in its case • you have to give the trumpet a bath to get rid of spit and other stuff. • To play you have to be devoted like with all other instruments

  3. Parts of a Trumpet There are three main parts of a trumpet • The slide, which makes the notes sharp or flat • The keys or valves which make the notes • The mouthpiece which is the part that you blow in • The Main Piece which is the part that the air travels through, that has all of the twists and turns Mouth Piece Valves Main Part

  4. How to hold the trumpet • With your right hand Hold it in your hand in a c shape so you can push the valves straight down.

  5. How to Hold the Trumpet Continued • With your left hand your left hand holds all the weight of the trumpet

  6. How to "Buzz" • Buzzing is basically blowing on the mouth piece so it sounds kind of like a kazoo • To do this you purse your lips and blow on the mouthpiece • This is used to warm up or beginners use it so they can actually make noises using the trumpet • Try making a siren sound by buzzing • Try buzzing a song, like Happy Birthday