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Why buy a Check Cashing System?

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Why buy a Check Cashing System? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why buy a Check Cashing System?. To make the most money (per square foot ) possible. Done correctly, check cashing can unlock more profit per foot of counter space than anything else in the store! Done wrong, it can be a nightmare!. You NEED a system!.

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to make the most money per square foot possible
To make the most money (per square foot ) possible.
  • Done correctly, check cashing can unlock more profit per foot of counter space than anything else in the store!
  • Done wrong, it can be a nightmare!
why do you need a check cashing system
Why do you need a check cashing system?

Your need for an automated check cashing system is becoming more clear every day. Here’s why:

Banks–Banks are becoming more and more demanding of check cashing stores. They are requiring more and more in the areas of documentation, records and compliance. Some Banks have been cancelling customers who do check cashing!

Federal, State and Local Governments want more from you. They are requiring documents and records on every transaction. New laws (Immigration) will soon increase the requirements.

Check 21 (Electronic Deposit)requires 2 sided copy of every check as well as complete documentation.

In short – It will become very difficult to make money cashing checks in the future without increasing the level of “paperwork” needed to make money. Without a system, more paperwork equals more work for less profit!

Most systems will help with the record keeping; most do a really bad job of it!

CheckWare™ is an exception – IT WORKS!

checkware is built on a rock solid platform
CheckWare™ is built on a rock solid platform.

Multi –User Software

Gives you the ability to access Back Office reports and statistics as well as transfer stats to your (existing) spread sheets and/or QuickBooks™ programs on your laptop.

why buy checkware from swift secure systems inc
Why buy CheckWare™ from Swift & Secure Systems, Inc.?

CheckWare™is not designed for the merchant who is not sure he/she wants to be in the check cashing business. CheckWare™is designed for the merchant who is in the check cashing business and wants to save money,increase profits and reduce the bookkeeping burden of doing it right.

CheckWare™is a full featured system designed to grow with your business.

Not only is the software multi-user – so is the software license!

You own your data. We do not take it captive so that we can raise fees unfairly!

We permit (and encourage) you to port your data to spread sheets and QuickBooks ™.

CheckWare™Rides on a heavy duty platform. It is built to last. It has built in redundancy. It is based on commercial needs; not home use! We permit (and encourage) you to run certain Bill Payment and Check21 applications on the same platform.

Swift & Secure Systems, Inc. has a strong local (Florida) base of customers and a history of solid support of its customers – year in and year out.

Swift & Secure Systems, Inc.installs, supports and trains on what it sells.


Why a TOUCH SCREEN WORSTATION?You get a countertop “footprint” of about half any other system on the market!Use employees who have no computer skills to cash checks without a problem!Save money – Work stations cost less than computers (even cheap ones)!Add more workstations for less money and hassle than computers!Have more control over what youremployees do with YOUR check cashingsystem.

checkware runs on a custom hardware platform
CheckWare™ runs on a custom hardware platform.
  • CheckWare™ uses a Touch Screen workstation.
why a plug and play workstation
Why a Plug and Play Workstation?
  • Need to save counter space? CheckWare™can help!
  • Have you thought about running several applications on one computer?

CheckWare™ can help!

  • Are you worried about loosing your information if the computer crashes?

CheckWare™ can help!

  • Do you want to travel from store to store and check records at each store?

CheckWare™can help!

  • Do you want to do several different things to serve one customer? CheckWare™can help!
  • Do you want your check cashing system to grow with your business?

CheckWare™can help!

  • Do you want to save money? CheckWare™can help!

You can buy on price aloneor- you can buy quality at a good price. Quality on the cheap does not work!

ways to make it cheaper
Ways to make it cheaper!
  • We can cut functionality.
  • We can eliminate features.
  • We can take short cuts.
  • We won’t do those things!
keep making it cheaper
Keep making it cheaper!

Replace the Excella STX(which does 2 sided color copy, ID information captor, Photo ID recording and comes with a check stacker.)

and cheaper still
And Cheaper Still!!

Loose the Workstation! Replace it with a home computer!! Get Rid automated local Back Up. Eliminate Network Protection and Anti-Virus. Eliminate Check21, Walk in Bill Pay and Catastrophe Recovery readiness.

you can take out even more
You can take out even more!!!!

Take outCheckWare’s fully documented Multi-user, full scale Relational Database.

Replace it with a Single user flat file system with skimpy documentation!

and still more
And Still More!!!!!


Back Office gives youthe ability to do all your reports on your laptop, Combine the report data with spread sheets and QuickBooksTM,collect data from multiple computers (at many sites) and more!

Additionally, you can use it to work from home!

Who needs that?

you have done it
You have done it!!!

By removing:

  • All backup and Virus protection.
  • All Multi-user and Data base capability.
  • Removing the ability to see more than your last 50 customers at a time.
  • The ability to record both sides of the check at one time.
  • The ability to work with a full suite of reports on your laptop computer.

You have reduced CheckWareTMto a$2,900system!


Do you want to give up all the real – important – “stuff” to save a few $?

how about leasing
How about Leasing?
  • CheckWareTMis (about) $195* per month.
  • Competition doesn’t offer leasing!

* $195 per month for 36 months with a $400 buy out and $390 down-depending on your business credit.

when you buy a checkware tm workstation here is what you get
When you buy a CheckWareTM Workstation here is What you get!
  • Hardware:

An All in One, Plug and Play Workstation with:

      • Touch Screen Monitor
      • Built in local Backup
      • A complete Suite of business (Compliance) reports
      • Battery Backup/Surge Protection
      • Everything you need for Check Cashing
      • Everything you need for Electronic Funds Transfer
      • Keylok Data Protection
  • You get
    • Camera
    • Finger Print Reader
    • Check/ID Reader
  • CheckWareTM Multi-User (Relational) Data Base
  • Anti Virus Software
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Licenses for:
    • CheckWareTM; Finger Print Reader; Check/ID Reader; Anti Virus Software; Adobe Acrobat Reader; Open OfficeTM and Keylok Data Security.
features benefits

CheckWareTM is:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to live with

CheckWareTM helps you:

  • Comply with the law
  • Comply with your Banks rules
  • Reduce Bad Check Loss
and more
And More!
  • Grow your business and system easily and cheaply.
  • Use your laptop to create reports and decision support aids.
  • Create spread sheets and QuickBooksTM accounting systems.
  • Go home earlier (and work from home).
learn even more
Learn even more!

Talk to your local representative.

Swift & Secure Systems Inc. AuthorizedDistributor – CheckWareTM

Phone: 561-740-9242

FAX: 561-244-8731