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Spring Vocabulary #8 PowerPoint Presentation
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Spring Vocabulary #8

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Spring Vocabulary #8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spring Vocabulary #8
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  1. SpringVocabulary #8 May 15/16, 2012

  2. Avarice(av uh rihs) Definition Sentence Use According to psychologists, many gamblers are motivated not by avarice but by a need for excitement. It was not avarice that motivated Joe to work hard to become wealthy so much as a desire for financial security. • Greediness for wealth Part of Speech • Noun Source: Barron’s

  3. Avarice(av uh rihs) • Picture this:have a rice Source: Barron’s

  4. Ambivalence(am biv uh luns) Definition Sentence Use Because he knew that teaching gives a steady income whereas writing usually does not, it was with considerable ambivalence that he gave up teaching to become a freelance writer. Joan was attracted to Ted, so she finally agreed to date him; however, she did so with ambivalence because of his reputation for being self-centered. • The state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes Part of Speech • Noun Source: Barron’s

  5. Ambivalence(am biv uh luns) • Picture this:am Bea Valens Source: Barron’s

  6. Fallow(fal oh) Definition Sentence Use The field has lain fallow for so many years that people are beginning to wonder if its owner is planning to sell it to property developers. On the first day of class, Professor Williams looked out at the faces of the freshman in his literature class, and thought, “The minds of these students are like fallow fields waiting for me to plant in them the seeds of knowledge.” • Plowed but not sowed; uncultivated Part of Speech • Adjective Source: Barron’s

  7. Fallow(fal oh) • Picture this:fowl low Source: Barron’s

  8. Induce(in doos) Definition Sentence Use When he was eight years old, nothing could induce Bruce to go near a girl; however, now that he’s nineteen, he can’t stay away from them. Oliver used many strategies to induce Gail to marry him, including sending her a present every day. • Persuade; bring about Part of Speech • Verb Source: Barron’s

  9. Induce(in doos) • Picture this:in deuce Source: Barron’s

  10. Anarchist(an urkist) Definition Sentence Use Governments regard anarchists as dangerous because they represent a threat to the existence of the state. Anarchists generally believe that governments infringe on rights that human beings enjoy naturally. • A person who seeks to overturn the established government; an advocate of abolishing authority Part of Speech • Noun Source: Barron’s

  11. Anarchist(an urkist) • Picture this:Anna kissed Source: Barron’s