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Sex In advertisement. By Declan Rothwell. SKYY Vodka. Codes and conventions: skyy vodka. In this advertisement, the product being sols is the new cherry flavour for SKYY Infusions.

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Sex in advertisement

Sex In advertisement

By Declan Rothwell

Codes and conventions skyy vodka
Codes and conventions: skyy vodka

  • In this advertisement, the product being sols is the new cherry flavour for SKYY Infusions.

  • The target audience for this advertisement is people whom are of age to drink alcohol, but more specifically young men that drink vodka.

  • The message of the advertisement is, that if you drink SKYY Vodka, then you will have the women in the advertisement. This message however is subliminal, and not clear to the audience.

  • I disagree with the message because drinking a certain brand of vodka isn’t going to get you a girl.

  • The women in the add are being portrayed in a sexual manner as their faces are close together and each have a seductive look amongst them.

Codes and conventions old spice
Codes and conventions: old spice

  • The product being sold by the ad is the new fragrance of body wash from Old Spice.

  • The targeted audience for this ad is men in their late teen and 20’s, who wish to be more “manly” or to women who wish their boyfriend or husband were more manly.

  • There is an obvious message that if you use this body wash from Old Spice you will be a real man.

  • I disagree with this message because it is not the smell of a man that makes him manly.

  • Human sexuality is being appealed to physical and biological. Females appeal to the text because there is a shirtless man holding the product, and males are attracted to the product because it says it’ll make them more manly.

  • This ad is neither a positive or negative portrayal of sexuality as it does not give any harmful messages yet there is no reason to have put a male in a sexualized manner.

Codes and conventions dolce gabbana
Codes and conventions: dolce & gabbana

  • The woman is sitting on a rock be grasp by the man.

  • The man is sitting behind the woman grasping her with one arm around the torso.

  • The woman is in the foreground and the man is in the background.

  • The juxtaposition gives the message that if you wear the new Dolce & Gabbana you will get a romantic getaway with a beautiful woman.

  • The man and woman are placed behind the picture of the product. Since the couple catches the viewers attentions the viewer quickly sees the product.

  • Neither the man or woman are active in this ad.

  • I receive the message that wearing this fragrance will enhance your chances of landing a beautiful woman.

  • In this ad it seems as though the man has the power because he is behind the woman grasping her.

  • This ad could be seen as a negative portrayal of a relationship because the man is grasping the woman. however

Codes and conventions carlsberg
Codes and conventions: Carlsberg

  • In this ad the woman and the man are holding a Carlsberg beers, which is the product being advertised.

  • The man is in the foreground of the ad and the woman is in the background.

  • The juxtaposition shows that the product is for adults with a family, instead of a couple that goes out and parties.

  • Both the man and woman are placed with a Carlsberg to display the product.

  • Neither the man nor woman are active, they are both sitting down at a dinner table.

  • There is no one person that is more eroticized than the other.

  • I receive the message that these are two adult whom love each other and live a happy life.

  • It is not clear whether the man or woman has the power in the relationship.

  • This is a positive representation of relationships and sexuality.