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The First Americans

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The First Americans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The First Americans. Sec 4.1. Archaeologists. Archaeologists. Are scientists that use the remains of materials and humans to study past peoples. They look for “ artifacts ” which are tools, weapons, and other objects. Some items they have found:. Rock art Pictures on cave walls Bones

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  • Are scientists that use the remains of materials and humans to study past peoples.
  • They look for “artifacts” which are tools, weapons, and other objects.
some items they have found
Some items they have found:
  • Rock art
  • Pictures on cave walls
  • Bones
  • Arrow heads
paleo indians
  • The first people to live in North America were thought to have come from Asia sometime between 38,000 and 10,000 B.C. on the land bridge known as Beringia.
  • This bridge appeared after the Ice Age between Asia and Alaska.
  • They entered Texas about 12,000 years ago.
native americans
Native Americans
  • When the Ice Age ended about 8000 B.C, the climate became warmer. Because of this, the tall grasses got shorter and they began to hunt for smaller animals.
  • They used spear throwers called atlatl along with axes, knives, and scrapers made from bone, antlers, and shells.
  • Farming began here first around 7000 years ago. This region is present day Mexico and northern Central America.
  • Maize (type of corn) was the most important crop grown. Beans and squash were also grown.
development of societies
Development of Societies
  • Farming provided a stable source of food, so it allowed people to remain in one place
  • Populations grew and societies developed
  • People began specializing in work such as priests, artists, and soldiers in Native

American groups.

early civilizations
Early Civilizations
  • Many civilizations developed around Texas (Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Georgia).
  • Even though no large civilizations developed in Texas, it was home to many different Native Americans. They developed due to environment (farming, fishing, hunting)
4 general culture areas in texas
4 General Culture Areas in Texas
  • The Western Gulf
  • The Southeastern
  • The Pueblo
  • The Plains