the american revolution
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The American Revolution

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The American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The American Revolution. Chapter 7. 7.1. A colonial Woman argues for Equal Rights,1776. Abigail Adams writes to her husband John about supporting women while he was at the Continental Congress.

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A colonial Woman argues for Equal Rights,1776

  • Abigail Adams writes to her husband John about supporting women while he was at the Continental Congress.
  • John writes back, basically saying that men know better to give power to women and repeal to their “Masculine” systems.
congress decides what to do with the western lands 1785
Congress decides what to do with the western lands,1785


  • This excerpt explained the process of the land ordinance of 1785.
  • Surveyors were appointed by congress to divide the territory into townships.
  • It established provisions for the land to be used for public education and property taxes.
territorial governments are established by congress 1787
Territorial Governments are established by congress,1787


  • This article explains the Northwest Ordinance and the qualifications for governor and secretary of the state.
  • It also explains the appointment of the court and judges.
massachusetts farmers take up arms in revolt against taxes 1786
Massachusetts Farmers take up arms in revolt against taxes, 1786


  • Daniel Gray and Thomas Grover explain the problems within Shays’ Rebellion.
  • One of the reasons was that the citizens did not like the process of collecting debts.
critical thinking
Critical Thinking
  • Most insightful was the Land ordinance of 1785.
  • better understanding
  • gave a lot of detail
  • Goes through the whole process
helen hunt jackson the thrill of western railroading 1878
Helen Hunt Jackson, The thrill of western Railroading, 1878


  • This article expresses the excitement of first-time travelers going through the west.
  • There were many different kinds of people traveling, with many different languages on board.
  • There were people from poor to rich.
  • The train station was filled with tons of people and looked very structured.
bill haywood miners and cowboys 1887
Bill Haywood, Miners and Cowboys,1887


  • This article explained the typical life of miners and cowboys.
  • Miners have many dangers such as diseases, lead poisoning, and falling rocks.
  • Cowboys had long days, and mainly worked with cattle.
d w c duncan how allotment impoverishes the indian 1906
D.W.C. Duncan, How Allotment Impoverishes the Indian, 1906


  • This article talks about mainly the Dawes Act.
  • It says all the Cherokee people were prosperous and had farms.
  • The Indians felt like they had everything once the Dawes Act was passed.
charles and nellie wooster letters from frontier 1872
Charles and Nellie Wooster, Letters from Frontier, 1872


  • In this section, it is full of letters from Charley and his wife.
  • Charley explains to his wife that he wants her to come live with him because he doesn't like to do the household things that she usually does for him.
  • They discuss money problems and housing renovations.
  • In the end, charley's wife goes through with the moving.
critical thinking1
Critical Thinking
  • Most insightful was the one about miners and cowboys.
  • More of an idea of what they went through.