4th Grade Back to School
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4th Grade Back to School. Valley View Elementary 2012-13. A Day in Mrs.Wotring’s Class. 8:00-9:45 Language Arts 9:45-11:00 Math 11:05-11:50 FIT 11:55-12:25 Recess 12:25-12:50 Lunch 12:50-1:40 Special 1:40 – 2:45 Science/Social Studies 2:50 Dismissal. GT 11:05-11:50

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4th grade back to school

4th Grade Back to School

Valley View Elementary


A day in mrs wotring s class
A Day in Mrs.Wotring’s Class

8:00-9:45 Language Arts

9:45-11:00 Math

11:05-11:50 FIT

11:55-12:25 Recess

12:25-12:50 Lunch

12:50-1:40 Special

1:40 – 2:45 Science/Social Studies

2:50 Dismissal



Tues., Wed., Thurs.







Fourth grade areas of study
Fourth Grade Areas of Study


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Available on the web at


What will my child learn this year in language arts
What will my child learn this year in Language Arts?

Reader’s Workshop

  • Fluency

  • Variety of Texts

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension

  • Literary Response

  • Analyze Text

Writer’s Workshop

  • Personal Narrative

  • Expository

  • Spell Proficiently

  • Grammar/Usage

  • Writing Strategies

  • Inquiry/Research

For students that need a challenge in Language Arts, we will differentiate as needed.

What will my child learn this year in math
What will my child learn this year in Math?

  • Problem Solving

  • Place Value

  • Fractions

  • Four Operations

  • Estimation

  • Patterns

  • Relationships

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

  • Organizing Data

  • Graphing

  • Time

  • Money

For students that need a challenge in Math, we will differentiate as needed.

What will my child learn this year in science
What will my child learn this year in Science?

  • Lab Safety

  • Scientific Method

  • Science Tools

  • Water and Weather

  • Mixtures and Solutions

  • Energy

  • Force and Motion

  • Sun, Earth, and Moon

  • Properties of Soil

  • Natural Resources

  • Organisms and Environments

What will my child learn this year in social studies
What will my child learn this year in Social Studies?

  • Focus – Texas

  • Native Americans

  • European Colonization

  • Texas Revolution

  • Texas in the 19th and 20th Centuries

  • Environment

  • Culture

  • Geography

  • Government

  • Economic Growth

  • Citizenship


  • State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness

  • Based on state TEKS

  • 4th grade STAAR tests:

    • Writing, April 1 and 2

      (two written compositions)

    • Math, April 22

    • Reading, April 23

How differentiation is implemented in my classroom
How Differentiation is Implemented in My Classroom

  • Compacting

  • Independent projects

  • Interest centers or groups

  • Flexible skill grouping

  • High level questioning

  • Contracts

  • Tiered teaching

Tiers of formal support in eisd
Tiers of Formal Support in EISD

  • Tier I, II, III

  • All students are served in Tier I and many students will be served by Tier II sometime during their elementary experience.

  • Tier I- is the homeroom teacher; the first line in instruction

  • Tier II- consists of a team of teachers offering focused or specialized instruction and are considered second in line for instruction. Tier II reading and math instruction are fluid-with students often flowing in and out of Tier II as their instructional needs are met. Tier II instruction includes enrichment opportunities, such as gifted and talented services.

  • If a teacher from Tier II contacts you-jump for joy! This means your child is getting focused assistance to master specific academic skills. It also means that Tier I and Tier II teachers are working together!

  • Tier III- consists of special education staff serving students with IEP’s (Individual Education Plans). Tier III students benefit from all 3 tiers.

Focused instructional time fit
Focused Instructional Time (FIT)

  • F.I.T. is provided in all EISD Elementary Schools

  • F.I.T. is when Tier II kicks in!

  • F.I.T. is a specific 45-50 minute time period at each grade level.

  • Tier II includes GT, ELL (English Language Learners), dyslexia specialists, reading and math specialists. Students receiving these services will leave class during F.I.T. time.

  • We are telling the students to think of F.I.T. (Focused Instruction Time) as the time of day when we get our brains in better shape through focused instruction in smaller groups.

  • Everyone gets F.I.T. at the same time each day. While Tier II students go to Tier II teachers, those remaining in class will get F.I.T. with their homeroom teacher. Everyone will be focused on small group, tailored instruction during F.I.T. time.

The who what when why how of fourth grade
The Who, What, When, Why, How of Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade ProceduresImportant Things to Know!

4th grade back to school


  • Please ensure your child arrives at school by 7:50


  • 12:25-12:50. You’re welcome to join us!

  • Lunch money may be brought any day of the week, put in office by 8:00 am each morning.

  • Student lunch $2.75. Adult lunch $3.50.

  • As always, breakfast and a light healthy snack are important.

4th grade back to school

Assignment Notebook

  • Signed daily

  • Great form of communication

  • HW used to signify homework

  • Replacement books are $5.00 in the office

4th grade back to school


  • 30 – 45 minutes nightly

  • Please have your child check assignment notebook

  • Unfinished class work may result in additional homework

  • Reading log requirement of 120 minutes/week, signed

  • Homework completion is a part of their grade

10 homework tips for parents
10 Homework Tips for Parents

  • Set aside a specific time to eliminate procrastination

  • Designate a quiet, well lit place

  • Establish a quiet zone

  • Create a “school/office” atmosphere by having necessary materials available

  • Stay in close proximity to your child during homework time

  • Invite a study buddy to do homework together

  • Check assignment notebook

  • Check for quality and completeness

  • Stay in close contact with me – especially if your child is showing anxiety about assignments

  • Homework should be thought of as an extension of the classroom

4th grade back to school

Thursday Folder

  • Graded papers, please review mistakes with your child

  • District and campus handouts

SOAR Report

  • Letter communicating news of the week

  • Cardinal Conduct Card

  • Academic and behavior goals

  • “Marks” for infractions and kudos

  • Tickets and other incentives

  • Kept in blue take home folder

  • Please remember to sign on Thursday

Important district calendar items
Important District Calendar Items:

  • Late Start Dates:

    School will start at 9:50 on the following dates:

    • September 26

    • November 1

    • December 5

    • January 30

    • February 27

    • April 7

  • No Homework Nights

    The following nights are designated “No HW” nights district wide:

    • September 25

    • October 31

    • November 12

    • December 3

    • January 29

    • February 18

    • March 28

    • May 16

4th grade back to school

4th Grade Field Trip

Texas Coastal Exploration (TCE)

  • May 8-9

  • Approximately $150.00 per students

  • Scholarships available for students

  • Chaperones chosen on a lottery basis

  • Highlights: Goliad Mission and Presidio, Texas State Aquarium, Dolphin watch boat ride, Padre Island National Seashore!

4th grade back to school


  • Must send note/or write in agenda if there is a change in routine

  • Phone calls to office for emergencies only, please!

Safe accurate dismissal
Safe & Accurate Dismissal

Please, please help us keep all children safe by adhering to the following requests:

  • Establish a weekly routine and stick to it

  • Clearly communicate the routine to your child and child’s teacher

  • Do not make changes to your child’s schedule unless it is absolutely necessaryand communicate the change to me in advance.

  • When making a change to your child’s schedule-clarify specifically if it is a “one-time” event, a new routine, and so forth. Leave no room for doubt about your intentions.

  • Do not assume that a message (email, phone or note) has made it to the classroom teacher. If you have not received a verbal or email response from the teacher stating he/she received your message- then assume the teacher did NOT get the message.

  • Calling the office for last minute changes should be reserved for rare occasions and emergencies only.

Vve treat policy
VVE Treat Policy

  • There are 3 specific days during the school year when treats are permitted (actually encouraged) on campus: December 20, February 14 & May 29

  • We ask that parents do not send ANY treats (edible or tangible) on any other day of the school year.

  • At VVE a treat is considered to be, but not limited to:

  • Cupcakes, cookie cakes, birthday cakes, special food, balloons, special deliveries to campus, gift bags, toys, presents, decorations, or meals for specific students and/or the entire class.

Birthdays are super sweet even without treats
Birthdays are Super Sweet, Even without “Treats”

  • We LOVE birthdays and strive to make each child feel recognized and very special on his/her birthday.

  • Student birthdays are announced daily during morning announcements (summer birthdays are announced the last week of school)

  • Each grade level recognizes birthdays (even summer birthdays) in their own special way. (Crowns, banners, special privileges, etc…)

Birthdays continued

  • You are welcome to bring your child a birthday lunch. (Leave balloons, cookie bouquets, cupcakes, cookie cake, pizza for the class and so forth…at home)

  • Birthday invitations must include every child in the class OR all the boys OR all the girls. If your child prefers a smaller party or wants to include all the students from other classes, please mail the invitations using the VVE Student Directory (for sale through Booster Club in the VVE office

Join us for lunch
Join Us For Lunch

  • We welcome parents to come for lunch and enjoy your child’s company and to assist by modeling and enforcing positive behavior in the cafeteria.

  • You are welcome to sit with your child at his/her table (great way to get to know the crowd your child is hanging with) 

  • If space is tight at your child’s table, feel free to move to a more spacious spot with your child. If you choose to move, please do not invite other children to join you.


  • Lockers are school property and used to hold students’ backpacks, books, and school supplies

  • We do not permit students to decorate lockers at VVE. That’s a treat saved for middle school.

Eef video
EEF Video

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlGG6RICyQY

  • EEF =STAFF (we receive 1.6 people/positions at VVE alone!). 

  • EEF also helps support EISD staff in getting their graduate degrees by paying half the tuition per person.

  • Booster Club = STUFF (Examples; whiteboards, Smartboards, school-wide special events and presentations, field trips ($15.00 PER child), CLT requests, new instruments, our track, etc...). 

  • Both EEF and Booster Club are essential to keeping our school the very best place for children and adults!

How can you help make this a fantastic year
How can you help make this a fantastic year?

  • Volunteer

    • Check the back tables for sign ups

    • Watch throughout the year for opportunities in the Thursday folder and Cardinal Weekly

  • Apples for the teacher

    • If possible, take an apple

    • Thank you for your generosity!

  • Be interested and involved

    • What book did you read today?

    • What did you work on in math?

    • Who did you sit with at lunch?

    • What did you do in science?

    • What did you write about today?

    • What nice thing did you do for someone today?

    • What was your favorite part of the day?

    • What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Stay involved
Stay Involved!

  • Join the VV Booster Club

  • Volunteer in the school

  • Volunteer in the classroom

  • Consider becoming involved with the Eanes Education Foundation

Keep in touch
Keep in Touch!

  • E-mail

    • kwotring@eanesisd.net

  • Phone

    • 512-732-9140 ext 3401

  • Conference

    • Conference time is from

      12:50-1:40 Monday-Friday

    • http://vvekwotring.weebly.com/

Questions or comments
Questions or Comments ???

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