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Student Learning Objectives

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Student Learning Objectives. Bellefontaine’s SLO Journey Christine Galvin, Principal Why?. We are part of a federal TIF grant that required us to pilot OTES & SLOs this year!. Win-Win-Win: A great opportunity.

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student learning objectives

Student Learning Objectives

Bellefontaine’s SLO Journey

Christine Galvin, Principal



We are part of a federal TIF grant

that required us to pilot OTES & SLOs this year!

win win win a great opportunity

Win-Win-Win:A great opportunity

Thanks to TIF, in 2012-13, we are held harmless to experiment with and phase-in SLOs.

If we miss our targets, there is no penalty.

If we make our targets, performance-based, strategic-compensation payouts are awarded.

Either way, we are better prepared for the real deal in 2013-14.

bellefontaine s plan

Bellefontaine's Plan

We Created an Evaluation Committee

Made up of teachers & administrators

Met monthly last year (2011-2012)

Looked at evaluation forms based on OTES rubrics

Discussed deadlines, forms, process, etc.

Created a binder for each staff member

bellefontaine s plan continued

Bellefontaine's Plan, Continued

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

In 2011-2012, the Superintendent, Curriculum Director, & Principals met with each grade level/department to discuss SLOs and the new evaluation process

We used our huddle days (one hour delayed starts) to continue to train teachers on the SLO & OTES process

Our TIF committee met to make decisions on how many SLOs to pilot & what percentage value added would count during our pilot year

summer support

Summer Support

ODE/TIF Mini-Grant

In the summer of 2012, we used ODE guidance to design and develop locally based team and individual SLOs. Our instructional team leaders received training first and then the remainder of the staff were given training in the SLO guide & then given time to begin writing the SLOs. They were paid a stipend through the mini-grant

state of implementation

State of Implementation

We continued the SLO writing process at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. All first drafts of SLOs were due by Sept. 17th. Tests & rubrics needed to be submitted along with the SLO.

The Building Leadership Teams then met & using the rubric evaluated each of the submitted SLO’s making notes & annotations as needed

The SLOs were then returned for revision in October & then returned in November for final approval

monitoring the work

Monitoring the Work

The BLT is checking in with the Teacher Based Teams to see how the work is coming & we are discussing how to best collect & monitor the data

All assessments & grading should have a team approach for validity

Teachers are already overloaded—try to build time in your schedule for them to meet & complete the work



Formula: Required Growth = (100 – Pretest Score)/2. Result is added to the Pretest score to set each individual student’s target.

Example: If a student earns a 66 on the Pretest, then (100-66)/2=1717+66=83EOY target for this student is 83.

Other staff have chosen to set up tiered system to track growth. After the pilot, we are going to examine the data to decide on a process for next year.

thank you good luck

Thank You & Good Luck!

Contact Information

Christine Galvin

Bellefontaine High School