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Demo of Account Activation PowerPoint Presentation
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Demo of Account Activation

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Demo of Account Activation
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Demo of Account Activation

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Demo of Account Activation Pg.0

  2. E-Procurement Pilot Programme Click here to activate the account Pg.1

  3. Click here to activate the account. Pg.2

  4. If the security warning window pop up, please click “Accept." Pg.3

  5. Pg.4

  6. Enter the code Pg.5

  7. Click “Continue”. Pg.6

  8. Please refer to the Email and the notification letter to enter the activation ID and PIN Pg.7

  9. The sample of the Activation ID Notification Email Activation ID Pg.8

  10. The sample of the Activation PIN Letter Activation PIN Pg.9

  11. Click “Continue”. Enter the Activation ID. Enter the PIN. Pg.10

  12. You can use the User ID or the Digital Certificate to log in the account Pg.11

  13. If you choose to use the User ID login, please enter the master account User ID. Please enter the password again to confirm Please enter your user ID • Use your own password to log in the master account : • New password must be at least eight characters and include at least the three characters in the following four categories. • Capital letters: (A-Z) • Small Capital letters: (a-z) • Number: (0-9) • Special characters: !@#%$ Pg.12

  14. Pg.13 第13頁

  15. If you use the Digital Cert to log in,please click “Use Digital Cert for authentication”. Click“Use Digital Cert for authentication”. Pg.14

  16. For example:If you want to use the“Personal Certificate”, please click here. Select the type of Digital Certificate. Enter the HKID number。 Pg.15

  17. Click “Browse” to select the Digital Certificate. Pg.16

  18. Click“Open”. Select the Digital Certificate file Pg.17

  19. Please enter the PIN of Digital Certificate Pg.18

  20. Click “Upload”. Pg.19

  21. Scroll down Pg.20

  22. Please select the contact person for the master account. Click “Continue”. Pg.21

  23. Scroll down Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Participation of the E-Procurement carefully . Pg.22

  24. Tick “I/We have read, understood and agreed with all the above terms and conditions”. Pg.23

  25. Click“Accept” to agree the terms and conditions. Pg.24

  26. Scroll down Confirm the company details Pg.25

  27. Click “Confirm” to continue. Pg.26

  28. You have successfully activated the account.You can choose login or exit. Or, click“here” to login Click here to exit. Pg.27

  29. Please use the master account user ID and password defined during the account activation. Pg.28

  30. The home screen after login Pg.29