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by domingo m alave

By Domingo Malave


The element I choose was copper. The word copper comes from the word cuprum which came from the island Cyprus. Copper has been mined for over 5,000 years.


Atomic Number

Amount of electrons


Atomic Mass


My element has 29 protons, 29 electrons, and 25 neutrons.

physical properties
Physical Properties

Melting Point: 1084.6 °

Boiling Point 2562 °C

It’s color is reddish brown and the texture is rough at times but could be smooth. It is very good a conducting heat and electricity.


Copper is a metal meaning it is not a metalloid, halogen, or a gas and can be melted and hammered into different things.


Copper mine in Montana

Copper is found in many minerals such as cuprite, malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite, and bornite. Copper is obtained by smelting, leaching, and by electrolysis.

Larger amounts of copper can be found in the U.S., Chile, Zambia, Zaire, Peru, and Canada

Copper mine in Delaware



  • The Statue of Liberty is made from 179,000 pounds of copper
  • All gold contains some level of copper, even 24 karat gold. This is because gold is so soft, it can be molded with the hands and calls for a bit of copper to be added
  • Although the Dead Sea Scrolls have been known to be made with rare animal skins, one that was recovered contains copper
  • The average person will use 1500 pounds of copper just to enjoy today's standard of living. (Think computers, telephones, automobiles, etc.)
  • Copper tools will not cause sparks, making them the tools of choice when working around explosives