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But there are many ways of cleaning a carpet. This informative article shows important guidelines from expert Carpet Cleaners London.

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Tips from expert carpet cleaners london

Tips from expert Carpet Cleaners


Have you tried to eliminate coffee, wine or blood

stains from your carpet? In case you have tried

it before, you know how hard it really is.

Actually, the majority of you might have given up

the thought of cleaning the carpet alone and

contacted pros. Butthere are many ways of

cleaning a carpet. This informative article shows

important guidelines from expert Carpet

Cleaners London.

Even though different stains require different

methods to clean them, you have no time to

waste once you spot a stain on the carpet. Use

a clean cloth to blot the carpet without rubbing it.

If you rub it, the stain could become a lasting

stain. A blood stain is among the most difficult to

eliminate. If you spot such a stain, see whether

it has started to clump. If it has, get a dull-type

of instrument just like a butter knife and get rid

of it first. Then, try to blot the area with soapy

water solution. Cold water is preferred for blood

stains. But you could use a cup of warm water combined with a 1/4-cup of dishwashing liquid to

blot any other type of stain.

Qualified carpet cleaners reveal another technique when taking away a red wine stain from your

carpet. A red wine stain is another stain that is difficult to eliminate. The professionals suggest to

first blot the spot where the red wine is spilled. After that, sprinkle a little white wine over it. This

will definitely improve your chances of removing the stain. Deep stains such as pet urine will

probably be difficult to remove. Blotting and cleaning will do so little in eliminating these type of

stains. Thespecialists advise you to use a small hand extractor in cleaning such stains. Such an

extractor can help clean your carpet efficiently, and can save you a lot of money.

Using powder to clean a carpet is a great way of cleaning it effectively. You could use a carpet

cleaning powder or baking soda to do this. Sprinkle the powder liberally on the carpet and leave

it for around 30 minutes. If possible, leave it overnight forbetter results. Be sure to vacuum the

powder once you are done.

Carpet shampoo is another effective product to clean a carpet. There are so many carpet

shampoos currently available. The first step would be to prepare the solution as per the

instructions on the label. Cover the carpet using the shampoo mixture. Don't use a lot of water

as it will lower the efficiency of the shampoo as well as increase drying time. Use a hard-bristled

brush to scrub on the areas with stubborn stains. Let the carpet dry, and vacuum it when it's fully


There are many health advantages of cleaning a carpet. Cleaning helps to remove trapped

contaminants. A dirty carpet has so many indoor air pollutants such as pet dander, particle

pollutants, lead, cockroach allergens and dust mites. Cleaning it on a regular basis can help to

Tips from expert carpet cleaners london

enhance the health and well-being of the householders. Mould growth is an additional problem,

especially in areas where there is high humidity .

The above mentioned tips are from expert Carpet Cleaners London, that is why it's best to stick

to them. You can get in touch with these experts on 020 8626 7977 .

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