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Spelling 4 .1 Words with er , ir , ur. clown growl howl b rown crown ground s hout cloud house s ound shark chair f amily four hear. Vocabulary 4 .1. Attached : When something is attached, it is stuck to something else Delicious : Food that is delicious tastes very good

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Presentation Transcript

Spelling 4.1

Words with er, ir, ur

clown growl howl

brown crown ground

shout cloud house

sound shark chair

family four hear

Vocabulary 4.1

Attached: When something is attached, it is stuck to something else

Delicious: Food that is delicious tastes very good

Frantically: When you do something frantically, you are in a hurry and also worried

Gasped: If you gasped, you took a fast and loud breath from being scared or surprised

Swung: Something that swung moved back and forth

Spelling 4.2

Words with oi, oy

soil broil moist

point boil oil

toy joy avoid

royal crown house

above color song

Vocabulary 4.2

Accident: An accident happens by chance.

Attention: When you pay attention, you watch and listen carefully

Buddy: A good friend

Enormous: Very, very big

Obeys: When someone Obeys someone or something, he or she does what he or she is told

Spelling 4.3

Words with oo, ui, ew, ue, oe

room tool suit

fruit clue glue

flew new shoe

canoe point royal

follow near paper

Vocabulary 4.3

Aid: Help or support

Heal: Over time, a broken bone will heal, or get better

Informs: When someone Informs you, he or she tells you something

Personal: Something that is personal, has to do with you

Serious: Something that is serious, is dangerous or important

Spelling 4.4

Words with oo, ou

shook hook crook

good should brook

foot soot could

would fruit glue

below city own

Vocabulary 4.4

Examines: When a person examines something, they look at it carefully

Mammal: a warm-blooded animal that drinks its mother’s milk and has hair

Normal: Something that is normal happens in a regular or healthy way

Rescued: Something that is rescued is saved from danger

Young: When something is young, it is at an early time of it’s life

Spelling 4.5

Words with vowel digraphs au, aw

pause draw launch

law fault jaw

sauce hawk raw

crawl good could

among bought decided

Vocabulary 4.5

Assembled: If you assembled something, you put it together

Devoured: If you devoured food, you ate it greedily

Fetch: When a dog goes to fetch something, it goes after it and brings it back

Menu: When you plan a menu, you write a list of what foods will be served at a meal

Simmered: If something simmered, it was cooked slowly for a long time