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ARAMIS. The Swiss CRIS R&D Information System Client-Server-Technology Internet Query on Subset. Mandate of Parliament and Federal Council. 1a. Transparency regarding financial flows and (money) 1b. Coordination of scientific programmes and projects (content)

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The Swiss CRISR&D Information System

Client-Server-TechnologyInternet Query on Subset


Mandate of Parliament and Federal Council

1a.Transparency regarding financial flows and (money)1b. Coordination of scientific programmes and projects (content)

2. Providing data for Swiss and European R&D-Statistics

3.Planning and Steering in the domain of R&D Basis for strategic choices

4. Assistance in Project Management and Controlling


Legal Base Reference for

other Swiss CRIS

Software CRIS available for all

organisations interested, however... (n.i.h.)

Federal Ordinance =

Delivery of data is compulsory, however... (spec. case)

Minimum Set of Information Harmonise data in Switzerland, however... (spec. needs)


Steps & Achievements

sept 98 System for Online Data Managment Operational DBs, Software, Accounts, Installations, Tutorial

april 99 Federal Ordinance regarding ARAMIS

dec 99 Internet Site for Consultation (subset)

dec 00 System achieved, version 4, all fonctions implemented operational in 50 offices of Federal Admin with R&D

april 01Data Transfer for National R&D Statisticsin collaboration with FOS

oct 01 Call for Tender: new XML based import interface Call for Tender: Pilot for Slim Internet Client


2 Components (user side)

on the Intranet of Federal AdministrationClient-Server-Systemown org.unit open access to all dataother org.unit restricted access to data

on the


Intranet Application GUI: Basic data of project (green) restricted view + administrative data fromother OrgU





Contact Person



Research Type


Discipline (s) %

Place of Execution

Part of Research %

ev. Costs

intranet application texts categories and attribution to language
Intranet Application Texts: Categories and Attribution to Language

Double click to

activate editor in

order to enter data

in a specific language


Lessons to be learnt after 3 years

Simplify GUI Information/Text vs. Project Managment personlize/categorize User Side

Thin Client 3-tier-Architecture / Internet use Standard Procedures and Tools

Provide better targeted Services for other Swiss CRIS.Demand. Consultancy Work is paying

DB Structure ok, however Concept with centralised DB evokes Big Brother Fantasies (control, innovation/effectiveness)

Watch about Data Quality + Political Backing