Wp1 mapping and analysis of research and innovation and update of the strategic research agenda
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WP1: Mapping and Analysis of Research and Innovation and Update of the Strategic Research Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP1: Mapping and Analysis of Research and Innovation and Update of the Strategic Research Agenda. Jack Verhoosel, TNO Jan Erpenbach , BLE Christophe Guizard , IRSTEA Markus Loetscher , FOAG j ack.verhoosel@tno.nl. ict-agri.eu. Goals of WP1.

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Wp1 mapping and analysis of research and innovation and update of the strategic research agenda

WP1: Mapping and Analysis of Research and Innovation and Update of the Strategic Research Agenda

Jack Verhoosel, TNO

Jan Erpenbach, BLE

Christophe Guizard, IRSTEA

Markus Loetscher, FOAG



Goals of wp1
Goals of WP1 Update of the Strategic Research Agenda

  • Toproduce 3 annual action plansfor the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda. First action plan ready in month 8, i.e. end August 2014. Target groups of the action plans are:

    • ICT-AGRI2 WP2 for new calls

    • European RTD andinnovationprograms andstandardizationbodies (H2020, EIP)

    • National scale RTD andinnovation programs.

  • Toextensivelyinteractwith the complete chain of stakeholders from research toapplication

    • Research, manufacturing, IT suppliers, service providers, consumers, farmers, etc.

    • Allparticipants are engaged in nationalmapping.

    • Joint workshops are held withalternatingmainorganisers.

  • Tocompile the collected information andtoproduceanupdated Strategic Research andInnovationAgenda at the end of the project.

Wp1 tasks
WP1 Tasks Update of the Strategic Research Agenda

  • Task 1.1: Interdisciplinary research and innovation (BLE)

    • Focus on stimulation of new forms of combined innovation actions between research organisations and sector organisations (industry as well as farmers)

  • Task 1.2: Compatibility of ICT and Robotics in agriculture (TNO)

    • Focus on current landscape of standardisation of ICT in agriculture in entire supply chain and actions to improve adoption

  • Task 1.3: Support interaction with stakeholders in the ICT-AGRI chain (IRSTEA)

    • Focus on improving the involvement of all kinds of stakeholders in the ICT, robotics and agriculture domain to the ERA-NET

  • Task 1.4: Update of the Strategic Research Agenda (FOAG)

    • Focus on addition of new research and innovation actions to the SRA

What is an action plan
What Update of the Strategic Research Agenda is an action plan?

Focusseson one or more agriculturalchallenges, problemsandsubsectors. Select one or two SRA topics to focus on in first year action plan.

Detailedanalysis of the opportunitiesandhindrancesforfurtherprogress of the use of ICT androboticsfor a sustainableandcompetitiveagriculture.

Suggestsfor research, development, innovationandstandardization actions tostimulatesolutions.

Containsinformation aboutappropriate call mechanisms as discussedwith stakeholders.

Targets at WP2 calls, European RTD andinnovationprograms andstandardizationbodies, suchHorizon 2020, European InnovationPartnerships.

Action plan 1 Update of the Strategic Research Agenda

Main Focus

Action plan topic


call topics

Specific (research) problems call topics

implementation of standardisation

call topics

Call topics

Call approaches

/ instruments

Bottom up


Top down solutions

Top down /

Bottom up solutions




How to select action plan topics
How Update of the Strategic Research Agendato select action plan topics?

Agricultural sector:







Possible actions for the plan
Possible Update of the Strategic Research Agenda actions for the plan?

Calls under ICT-AGRI2

Joint call withPPPs or other ERA-NETS

ICT-AGRI topics forprojectsunder Horizon2020

Using EIP via multi-actor projectsthematicnetworks

Focus groups of experts forproblemdescriptions

Generic call topics as well as specific call topics

Stimulate adoption of use of standards

Influencestandardisationbodies on workitems


Which stakeholders to target
Which Update of the Strategic Research Agendastakeholders to target?

How to involve stakeholders
How Update of the Strategic Research Agendatoinvolvestakeholders?





Thematicnetworks, Focus groups

Mobilise organisations and companies
Mobilise Update of the Strategic Research Agendaorganisationsand companies


Partners: Help isneeded

Create a place to collectideas

Use Social network

How to motivate stakeholders
How Update of the Strategic Research Agendatomotivate stakeholders?

Incentives to involve them:


Impact on action plan topics

Impact on priorities in calls

Invitationto focus group

Interactionwithother stakeholders andpeers


Tips and tricks:

Usehigherpolitical levels


Discussion and questions
Discussion Update of the Strategic Research Agendaandquestions

Task 1 1 interdisciplinary research and innovation ble
Task Update of the Strategic Research Agenda 1.1: Interdisciplinary research andinnovation (BLE)


  • Toachieveinterdisciplinary research andinnovation as recommended in the SRA.


  • Actions forstimulation of research & innovation, e.g.:

    • Calls under ICT Agri II

    • Common Call with PPP (ICT-Agri I) or other ERA-Nets

    • Knowledge Hub (bringingtogetherexistingresearch projects)

    • ICT projectsunder Horizon 2020

    • Using EIP via multi-actor projectsandthematicnetworks – (Pigwise, 3D-Mosaic)


  • Development of important topics in the SRA intoresearch/innovationneedsandproposalsfor solution domains.

  • Discussion of proposalswithrelevant stakeholders.

  • Conceptualdescription of complete solutionsfor ICT androbotics in agriculture.

  • Mappingof research andinnovationbased on conceptualsolutions.

Task 1 2 compatibility of ict and robotics in agriculture tno
Task Update of the Strategic Research Agenda 1.2: Compatibility of ICT androbotics in agriculture (TNO)


Toidentify the major actors requiredfor establishment andimplementation of standardisationandtoidentifystrategic actions thatwillenhance a broadacceptanceanduse of standards.


A goodoverviewof howcurrent IT androbotics systems interoperateandhowstandardisationis beingused.

Indication of important gaps in thisstandardisationlandscape andactions on howtheycanbetackled.


Studythe available sources forcurrentstandardisation of ICT androbotics.

Identifyandinteractwith the important stakeholders (workshop at SmartAgriFood 2014).

Identifyactions toimproveimplementationand take up of ICT androbotics in agriculture.

Task 1 3 support interaction with stakeholders irstea
Task Update of the Strategic Research Agenda 1.3: Support interactionwithstakeholders (IRSTEA)


Tomobilise the expertise in organisationsand companies supplying farmers with ICT androboticsforinternal farm purposes, business transactions or administrativecommunication.

The stakeholders include food chains, public services, advisory services, software houses, machine manufacturers(multinational, SMEs, farmers, EIP OperationalGroups)

Issues concerningfunding, IP rightsandcommercialisationwillbeaddressed.


Format for online input of mapping data in the MKB togetherwith WP4.

Mapping of research andinnovationneeds at national level.


Organiseand monitor mapping on the national level by ICT-AGRI-2 partners

Map the main stakeholders andtheir ICT solutions on the European level

Organise a variety of interactionsforconsultation of stakeholders (workshops, surveys, interviews, etc.)

Task 1 4 update of the sra foag
Task Update of the Strategic Research Agenda 1.4: Update of the SRA (FOAG)


Toprovideanupdatedandfurtherdevelopedversion of the SRA in whichall the new insightsgainedby the performance of ICT-AGRI-2 tasks.

The new version of the SRA willcontainrecommendationsbeyond the lifetime of ICT-AGRI-2.


Update Strategic Research andInnovation Agenda


Draft the strategic agenda on basis of solution pathwayshighlighted in the action plans.

Organisea workshop forconsultation of stakeholders with the updatedstrategicagenda

Publishthe updated Strategic Research andInnovation Agenda