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Transforming your network into a platform for mobility PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming your network into a platform for mobility

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Transforming your network into a platform for mobility
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Transforming your network into a platform for mobility

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  1. Transforming your network into a platform for mobility Rich Korb – Senior Systems Engineer Southeast Region

  2. Introduction to Aerohive: • Cloud-managed Mobile Networking Company • Cloud (Public & Private), Controller-less Wi-Fi, Routing, VPN, Switching • ~$100M annualized run rate • 5th fastest growing tech company 07-11 • (Deloitte Fast 500 – 44,569% growth) • 135% YoY growth (2011-2012) • ~9000 Customers • ~500 Employees • Most Visionary Vendor - Gartner MQ for Wired & Wireless LAN 2012 Education Enterprise Healthcare Retail Logistics Cloud Services Platform Private (on-premise) Public Partner Branch & Teleworker Routers Access Switches Enterprise Wi-Fi

  3. Enterprise Landscape Cloud & Mobility Change Everything Users want to work anywhere, on any device Floor 1 VLAN 1 “Sales” Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” IT needs to enable them, without drowning in complexity Corp deployed enterprise devices, desktop apps & servers Explosion of consumer devices, BYOD, mobile apps & cloud Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Floor 1 VLAN 1 “Sales” Wi-Fi was a convenience / secondary network Wi-Fi has become essential, ubiquitous & strategic $ X Floor 1 SSID 2 “Corp” Yesterday Today Floor 1 VLAN 1 “Sales” Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Security Performance Reliability Cost Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” Floor 1 SSID 1 “Guest” SSID 1 Floor 1 VLAN 1 “Sales” Floor 1 SSID 1 “guest” Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” SSID 2 SSID 3 Floor 1 SSID 2 “Corp” Floor 2 VLAN 2 “Finance” SSID 4 SSID 5 SSID 6 SSID 8 SSID 7 Policy was defined by location & network Policy defined by network no longer scales Networks were monolithic -”build it & they will come” Infrastructure is now expected to be elastic like cloud apps

  4. Transforming your network into a platform for mobility Public & Enterprise Cloud Device Detection & Security Identity & Role Branch Routing Wi-Fi P B X App Visibility & Control Location & Time of Day Switching Support business productivity and regain control

  5. Cloud networking vendor that transforms networks into platforms for mobility HiveManager Dashboard Cloud Services Client Health Score • App & Network Visibility by “Context” • Application • Role • Network • Location HiveManager IDManager Cloud delivered Apps & Provisioning *Planned • Policy enforced • by “Context” • Application • Identity • Device • Role • Location • Time of Day Contextual visibility and enforcement Single Architecture, OS and Management Network services, automation and APIs Sophisticated troubleshooting tools Zero Touch Provisioning Reduce operational costs and add business value

  6. “It’s all about me.”

  7. Optimize the User Experience Based on what is important to that user! Quality of Experience Mission-Critical, Business related Recreational, non-business Evasive, Harmful, & Non-compliant

  8. Unified Wired and Wireless Policy One-Time Port Provisioning Can be applied to one or thousands of devices Wi-Fi Switching Routing VPN Firewall Bonjour

  9. Policy based on Context Identity, Device, Application, Location, Time of Day Firewall OS Detection RADIUS CWP PPSK Corp user Guest user Corp user - BYOD

  10. Unified Management via Cloud Platform • Single pane of glass • Unified WORKFLOWs • SAME policy, configuration and management objects apply to APs, Routers, and SWITCHES!!! Mobility-optimized Access Layer

  11. Aerohive: One Architecture Everywhere Retail Branch HQ Virtualized Mgmt & VPN Termination Wi-Fi Primary Access Guest, Corp, BYOD Guest, Corp, BYOD Data Center Credit Cards. PCI, Inventory, Voice, Kiosks Unified Wired, Wi-Fi, VPN, FW Logistics Performance, Contextual Policy Enforcement, Unified Access Layer, MDM enrollment Cloud-enabled Edu Coverage, Reliability, Voice Picking, Outdoor Apple TVs iPad1:1 Healthcare Teleworker Work, Home, 4G, Cloud Security Faculty, Guests EMR, eMAR, Asset Tracking, Voice Messaging High Density, AD integration, Bonjour, Ease of Use

  12. How does it work? Wireless Network Wired Network Reporting Heat Maps SLA Compliance Policy Configuration HiveManager NMS   

  13. The Right Cloud Solution For Enterprises Data Center / Private Cloud Public Cloud Multi-tenant Public Cloud w/o Control Plane Public Cloud Provisioning Public Cloud Provisioning Large Enterprise Mid-Market Enterprise Functionality, Reliability, Reduced Opex

  14. Aerohive Platforms Wi-Fi BR100 / AP Mode AP350 AP141 AP330 AP170 AP121 AP110 Routing/VPN AP330 / Router Mode BR100 BR200 WP AP350 / Router Mode SR2xxx / Router Mode Cloud VPN Gateway Switching SR2024 SR2124P SR2148P Management & Applications HiveManager Online HiveManager On-Prem IDManager StudentManager

  15. Reduced Capex and Opex Less Operational Costs Less Infrastructure Costs Cloud Management Self Healing Zero Touch Provisioning Client Health Score


  17. Wired and wireless Infrastructure 2012 MQ Aerohive is a Visionary! A Magic Quadrant Visionary for wired and wireless Infrastructure The strongest “completeness of vision” in the quadrant (the farthest to the right) • An innovation leader with products such as its Bonjour Gateway and its cooperative control architecture, which eliminates the need for a dedicated controller and provides a cost competitive solution without sacrificing functionality. • Aerohive should be considered for any overlay WLAN enterprise opportunities in North America, Western Europe or Australia/New Zealand, especially in the education, healthcare and retail markets. • Its controller-less, mesh-based architecture provides an easy-to-use and robust solution with lower operational costs, which makes it a standard bearer for market pricing of equivalent functionality.

  18. Two Approaches to Unified Access Layer • Cisco • Large Branch / Medium Campus Environment • Aerohive • Large Branch / Medium Campus Environment Cloud Mgmt. & Provisioning Access Switch Access Layer “Hive” AP $$$$$$ $$$

  19. Two Approaches to Unified Access Layer • Cisco • Small Branch Environment • Aerohive • Small Branch Environment Cloud Mgmt. & Provisioning 4G Backup Integrated Switch/Router with 4G b/u AP Access Layer “Hive” $$$$$$ $$$