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Evaluating IBP Strategies

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Evaluating IBP Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluating IBP Strategies. Professor Close. What is the best marketing?. The one that works. The one where your target market and consumers get the message on their preferred modality. The one that is remembered. The one that sparks buzz. The one that creates action or awareness.

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what is the best marketing
What is the best marketing?
  • The one that works.
  • The one where your target market and consumers get the message on their preferred modality.
  • The one that is remembered.
  • The one that sparks buzz.
  • The one that creates action or awareness.
  • The one that is measurable.
  • Today, I am focusing more on online advertising as a part of an integrated brand comm. strategy.
ibp measurement
IBP Measurement
  • Be transparent.
  • Be accountable.
  • Advertising is an INVESTMENT not an expense.
  • Measure and benchmark and tweak and measure again. This quest for perfection doesn’t stop/
  • Don’t go on your feeling here.
  • Go on results.
  • Make your communication objectives (stemming from the brand marketing objectives) clear and measurable.
research shows roi
Research Shows ROI
  • Benchmark data
  • Helps set realistic goals
  • Accountability
  • Measuring the whole campaign (broadcast, digital, events, PR, guerilla marketing, etc.)
  • No one size fits all measurement
  • Use different methods for different problems
  • Examples from my research
media measurements
Media Measurements
  • Nielsen (let’s check out TV and web ratings)
  • Does each piece of the campaign work together to reach the communication goals set at the start of the campaign?
  • Check out the big picture.
  • Don’t miss the forest through the trees.
  • An ad can test well, but perform horribly.
  • Why?
measuring new media
Measuring New Media
  • New media has stronger ROI than old media.
  • More advertisers are shifting online.
  • The more supply, the lower the price.
  • Traditional media better start shifting if they haven’t yet.
  • Online marketing is getting better daily.
  • Google’s campaign insights.
measuring new media1
Measuring New Media
  • The old way to measure new media: Measure clicks from display ads, Measure conversions from the clicks, Compare results from industry benchmark data
  • The new way to measure new media: incremental lift in BOTH search and visits resulting from online ads
  • New tactics lead to new metrics.
measuring social media
Measuring Social Media
  • It is not how many facebook friends you have.
  • Social media is just a platform to communicate
  • Don’t rely on it for sales
  • Use it to articulate or reinforce your mainstream campaign
  • Often, it is # of likes or retweets, but this is very surface level
  • How do you propose we measure efficacy of a company or organizations social media?
online analytics
Online Analytics
  • Google’s tools: AdWords, Analytics Intelligence, Multi-channel funnels, Campaign experiments, & measuring competition
  • Click through vs. view through metrics
  • Neither tell the full story-why not?
  • Use a pseudo-experimental design to measure online ad campaign effectiveness
  • http://youtu.be/5XKZqvJPFKA
analytics intelligence
Analytics Intelligence
  • Alerts based on daily, weekly or monthly data
  • Odd things or jumps are flagged
  • Constantly monitor your site traffic to check out changes
  • Say, there is a big bouncerate for your new campaign
  • Change that campaign sooner than later
multi channel funnels
Multi-Channel Funnels
  • The last click gets the credit
  • What about the assists?
  • Many channels assist
  • We want conversions, but why and where and when did they convert to the sale?
  • Check out how consumers interact with your brand (interactions, path links, not just the final click, time lag, keywords)
ad words campaign experiments
Ad Words Campaign Experiments
  • Accurately test and measure changes to keywords, ads, bids, placements, etc. in real time
  • How do changes impact campaign performance?
  • Performance metrics differ in real set up and experimental set up
  • Little risk, because you can revert back
measuring your competition
Measuring Your Competition
  • Yes, you should try to do this.
  • There is an “analyze competition” tool on Google
  • See how your ad words performance compares to other business advertising on similar keyword categories
takeaway thoughts
Takeaway thoughts
  • Industry is changing thus measurement is changing
  • No one universal assessment tool
  • Don’t be afraid to test with research-but test each major message in the campaign
  • Try to capture synergy (1+1=3)
  • When you measure, you know your room for improvement, which we all have.