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DESIGN : headlines PowerPoint Presentation
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DESIGN : headlines

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DESIGN : headlines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DESIGN : headlines. Designing Process. Kicker . ONE line of secondary above primary. WILD WASHOUT. Homecoming fans experience. Crowning Moment. Even rain can’t spoil Homecoming’s. Designing Process. Wicket pattern 2 or more lines of secondary above primary.

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DESIGN : headlines

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. DESIGN: headlines

    2. Designing Process • Kicker ONE line of secondary above primary WILD WASHOUT Homecoming fans experience Crowning Moment Even rain can’t spoil Homecoming’s

    3. Designing Process • Wicket pattern 2 or more lines of secondary above primary Players, band, fans abandon the field, head for cover, Take a Reign Check

    4. Designing Process • Hammer pattern ONE or more lines of secondary headline below primary headline Get a Reign Check Half-time homecoming ceremony washes out

    5. Designing Process • Tripod pattern 2 or more lines of secondary beside line(s) of primary BASHCRASH Thunder, lightning cause Homecoming BASHCRASH “When I realized the storm would probably cancel the game, I was depressed.” junior Jonah Martin

    6. Oveido HS

    7. Infinite Variations Tripod + Hammer pattern TWO lines of secondary set to the right of primary + ONE or more lines of secondary headline below primary headline Celebrated Living magazine


    9. Headline Placement Headlines are placed above or to the left of copy tease the reader to offer an overview of content

    10. McKinney HS

    11. Headline Placement When NOT placed above or to the left of copysome other graphic or typographical device is used to draw reader to beginning of copy

    12. Legacy HS

    13. Headlines as Visual Entry Points The scan reader returns to a spread 5-7 timesUse headlines to direct readers to small bites

    14. Trinity HS

    15. Trends Negative Leading

    16. Vogue magazine

    17. O magazine

    18. Tucker Creek MS

    19. Trends Handwritten look

    20. EVERYDAY with Rachael Raymagazine

    21. Bellaire HS

    22. Trends Headlines in color

    23. Allure magazine

    24. Oviedo HS

    25. Details magazine

    26. Trends we haven’t seen in yearbooks

    27. Details magazine

    28. Details magazine

    29. ASSIGNMENT: Collect headline examples from magazines to expand design possibilities

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