how did these americans influence our lives n.
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How Did These Americans Influence Our Lives

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How Did These Americans Influence Our Lives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Did These Americans Influence Our Lives. By: Ben. Paul Revere ( 1735- 1818). He lived in Boston, Massachusetts He was the first patriot in America and he fought for freedom from Great Britten Paul had to be careful not to be caught when he was making his journey

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paul revere 1735 1818
Paul Revere ( 1735- 1818)
  • He lived in Boston, Massachusetts
  • He was the first patriot in America and he fought for freedom from Great Britten
  • Paul had to be careful not to be caught when he was making his journey
  • Revere helped us brake away from England
  • Paul was diligent because he had many jobs
  • Paul was in liberty because fought for freedom
fredrick douglas 1818 1895
Fredrick Douglas1818- 1895
  • He lived in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Douglas was a black so he was a slave
  • He was a slave and he wanted to move to a northern state.
  • He helped blacks be free from slavery
  • He worked for freedom to help blacks
susan b anthony 1820 1906
Susan B. Anthony1820- 1906



She was a teacher but she lost her job

Girls are equal to boys.

I made speeches

Quaker Church


Susan didn’t like slavery

This is a banner of women's suffrage

mary mcleod bethune 1875 1955
Mary McLeod Bethune 1875-1955








Character Traits

Respect for Authority



franklin d roosevelt 1882 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882-1945

New Deal :

  • He was a rich


  • He went to

Boarding And

Law school

  • He had polio
  • Was governor

of NY

An association that helped Americans get jobs during the great depression

  • He was president during WWII


  • He helped make the UN

Character Traits




eleanor roosevelt 1884 1962
Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962
  • When she was a child
  • Lived in England

Character Traits

Respect for Authority



  • She was a shy girl

She wrote ‘’My Day’’

She meet other countries

She made universal human rights

She flew with

Amelia Earhart

lyndon baines johnson 1908 1973
Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908-1973

Was in the legislative branch

Lived in Texas

Was in congress

Made Voting Rights Act, Head Start, and Great Society

Was poor

A pointed Thurgood Marshall in Supreme Court

Became president

after JFK’s assignation

fdr vs lbj
  • Had polio
  • Born in NY.
  • Was in the senate
  • Were Presidents in the 1,900’s
  • Made The New Deal
  • Made the Great Society
  • Was rich as a child
  • Both made popular bills
  • Was president during WWII
  • Was poor as a child
  • Benefited sports
  • Was president during the Vietnam war
  • Was president during the Great Depression
  • Helped people get jobs
  • Both were presidents during a war
  • Made Civil Rights Act with MLK
  • Made “Fireside Chats”
  • Was born In TX.
  • Had diligence
  • Was a teacher
  • Born in NY.
  • Both followed Family’s footsteps
  • Appointed Thurgood Marshall
  • Was Governor
thurgood marshall 1908 1993
ThurgoodMarshall 1908-1993
  • Grew up in MD.
  • Wanted to be a lawyer and judge
  • Child during segregation
  • There were no laws schools for black
  • Helped unfair treatment
  • Was in Murray and Brown vs. B.O.E
  • Supreme court made all Americans equal
  • Helped unjust laws
  • was appointed in the supreme court
cesar chavez 1927 1993
Cesar Chavez 1927-1993
  • Born in AZ
  • Was a migrant worker
  • Had no water or electricity in his house
  • Went to about 30 Schools and stopped at 8th grade
  • Sometimes some camps had no bathrooms, running water, soft beds, and only had one sink
  • Moved and lived in CA
  • Was in CSO and founded the NFA
  • Followed Mohandas Gandhi and MLK
  • Did the grape and lettuce strike
  • Did marches and fasts
  • His motto was Si se puede Yes it can be done
  • Had justice, diligence and freedom of expression
my favorite american lbj
My Favorite American LBJ

My favorite American is Lyndon B. Johnson because I am a person that likes government. I think he is good

also because he enforced a lot of good laws. It was not normal being the president after an assassination so he was very special because he would continue Kennedy's ideas as well as his own. He helped the poor and had diligence was tolerable and respectful to the country