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welcome to 4 th grade n.
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Welcome to 4 th Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 4 th Grade

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Welcome to 4 th Grade
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Welcome to 4 th Grade

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  1. Welcome to 4th Grade Autumn Gorley Heather Middleton Mary Scott Ruth Ann Wall

  2. Homework Agenda • Agenda will be available in every classroom • Students must copy assignments into agenda book daily • Students need to check agenda at the end of day to gather materials for home learning

  3. Agenda Book • Agenda book will be stamped when correctly copied. • Parents need to sign agenda each night when work is completed.

  4. Vocabulary • Vocabulary words will be posted in every classroom on Friday for the following week. • Students are to copy terms and look up definitions in proper texts for each class. • This work will be recorded in 5-subject notebook

  5. Vocabulary (cont.) • Vocabulary notebooks will be graded on Wednesday morning. • All work must be in cursive starting in January. • Students will be tested over application of the terms on Thursday.

  6. Grouping • Students are grouped and rotate classes based on mastery of content as measured by MAP scores and classroom performance. • Grouping is done to assure that all children receive instruction and assignments at a level that best meets their individual needs.

  7. Grouping (cont.) • Groups are not permanent and change with each MAP test • Students will be in mixed groups for homeroom, lunch, special class, recess, and some RTI.

  8. RTI • Some students receive RTI (small group) instruction to address specific needs in reading or math.

  9. Behavior Reports • Behavior Reports will be sent home weekly in the Monday folder. The purpose is to inform you so that you can address your child’s needs to help him/her take responsibility for their actions. • Behavior Reports are divided into two columns; one-point marks (minor infractions) and two-point marks (more serious behaviors). These marks are totaled at the top of the page. • See following example:

  10. Class Rotation/Hallway Expectations • Students will travel with their content groups (color groups) from class to class. They will have 2 classes before lunch and one afterward. They need to be prepared with materials for BOTH of the morning classes before leaving homeroom. • Student are NOT permitted to talk in the hallway (especially during class change) as other nearby classes are engaged in learning during this time.

  11. Language Arts • Grammar Book “GB” Treasures Reading Textbook. • Spelling – Weekly Tests. Writing • Journal Writing in 5 subject notebook. • Portfolio Pieces (4 total) • Narrative • Information/ Explanatory • Opinion / Persuasive Book Review • Reflective Piece

  12. Science • Science • Tested on K-PREP in 4th grade • Weekly Vocab Cards • Students expected to take notes • Hands-on activities • Graded on homework, participation, and in class assessments

  13. Social Studies • Social Studies • Focus on KY History • Tests will probably be open book • Most work will be done in class • Study Island assignments

  14. Vocabulary Cards • This form needs to be filled out for science words each week in addition to writing the definitions in the vocabulary notebook.

  15. Reading Several Resources are used in Reading Class. • Treasures Textbook and workbook called • (PBO) Practice Book “O” - assignments are usually started in class & then considered Home-Learning (H-L) if not completed at school. • Scholastic News/Weekly Reader • Coach Books • Study Island—Computer assignments with lessons. • Lexia-RTI (Response to Intervention)

  16. Math • Keys to success in 4th grade math: • Master multiplication tables (every 2 weeks after Sept.) • Keep weekly Study Island assignments done (Thursday) • Turn in daily homework (effort grade) • Always check over Reading Works (Monday) • Keep your math folder (notebook) up to date • Make up work/math notes/Math Minutes immediately after an absence • Study for tests with homework help from my web-page • Check my web-page often

  17. Checklist • This is a daily checklist to help parents keep track of weekly regular assignments. • We will give you a hard copy at the beginning of the school year.

  18. Attendance • Good attendance is critical when your child is in a departmentalized classroom (moving from class to class). • We encourage responsibility in students to check in with each teacher when returning from an absence. • Instruction begins at 7:45 with vocabulary work and continues until 2:45 daily. Arriving or leaving outside these hours will cause your child to miss important instruction.

  19. Web-pages for 4th grade teachers: • Mrs. Middleton's Weebly pagehttp://mrsmiddletonsclass.weebly.com/ • Mrs. Scott's Web pagehttp://www.garrard.kyschools.us/MaryScottGrade4.aspx • Mrs. Wall’s Weebly page http://mrswalls4thgrademath.weebly.com/index.html *Bookmark these to keep from typing them in regularly *We have links on our pages to move among classes