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Update -- eSRS

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Update -- eSRS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update -- eSRS. DoD Western Regional Council For Small Business Education and Advocacy. Rochelle Lowe – SAIC Manager Small Business Compliance DoD Education Chair. Who Should You Contact?. Overview of Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE). www.esrs.gov. Delivery Orders in e-SRS?.

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update esrs

Update -- eSRS

DoD Western Regional Council

For Small Business Education and Advocacy

Rochelle Lowe – SAIC Manager Small Business Compliance

DoD Education Chair

question answers at the end
Question/Answers at the end
  • A company may have many DUNS in CCR; which number do we use?
    • Use the DUNS number as it appears on the contract. (FPDS-NG)
  • What will be needed to register?
    • DUNS; the parent code
    • Supervisor’s name and e-mail address
    • ID = your e-mail address
    • PW = will be created by the user within the security requirements identified by eSRS
    • E-mail address of government reviewing official (up to 2)
question answers at the end19
Question/Answers at the end
  • Can the CEO delegate his signature authority for the SSR?
    • No.
  • Will there be a phase in period in which paper 294’s can go to the CO?
    • No. There will be no transition period. All will use eSRS. The ISR will be available in August 2005 and SSR in October 2005.
  • Some older contracts have the SF294 as an identified deliverable, how will those contracts be modified?
    • eSRS is the replacement for the SF294 so we see no need for a modification to the contract. If you have reporting other than the SF294, that will still need to be submitted to the CO.
  • Comprehensive Plan Users – how will they use eSRS?
    • During FOC they should be able to use the system. It is not known yet how they will be accommodated. More discussions are being held because of allocations issues associated with Comp Plans.
  • Electronic downloads – is it coming?
    • Yes. Send in your information on your particular interface or systems used. We’ve heard you. We know you are wanting to download.
question answers at the end20
Question/Answers at the end
  • When system goes live what will we input?
    • ISR = September 2005 data
    • SSR = September 2004 and September 2005
  • Will FPDS-NG data be editable? By us or the CO?
    • No. The data should have been input correctly at FPDS-NG. If it is incorrect, the CO will have to change it on FPDS-NG.
  • As a sub – how do I report?
    • If you have a subcontracting plan, then you need to put a report in eSRS
  • When there be a upload feature in the “application interface”?
    • Yes, it will not be available until October 2005 with FOC
  • Lower-tier reports – does the government or prime approve?
    • The government can view but the prime will accept or reject the report
  • Will these reports be public or private?
    • When eSRS comes on-line the decision has to be made what portions will be available to the public. My guess is SSR achievements will be public.
new acronyms
New Acronyms
  • DRT = Draft
  • PEN = Pending
  • REG = Rejected
  • RPN = Reopen
  • ISR = Individual Subcontract Report

(FKA SF294)

  • SSR = Summary Subcontractor Report

(FKA SF295)