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Keep Germs Out of Your House

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Keep Germs Out of Your House - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keep Germs Out of Your House. `Lecturer: Mr Shahid Ajmal College of Education. Maha Mostafa. Radwa Abu Zed. Content. What are germs? Where are germs found? How to keep germs out of your house?. What are Germs?. Germs are small organisms which are found

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keep germs out of your house

Keep Germs Out of Your House

`Lecturer: Mr Shahid Ajmal

College of Education

Maha Mostafa

Radwa Abu Zed

  • What are germs?
  • Where are germs found?
  • How to keep germs out of your house?
what are germs
What are Germs?
  • Germs are small organisms which are found
  • in dirty places and they cause diseases.
  • when the proper temperature and foods are
  • available, and there is enough time, germs
  • start to grow and reproduce rapidly
where are germs found
Where Are Germs Found?
  • The Most Common Place in Which Germs Are Located &Reproduce Rapidly is :

Your Kitchen

how to keep germs out of your kitchen
How To Keep Germs Out Of YourKitchen?
  • You Should do the Following :
  • Wash Sponges
  • Paper Towels
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Cutting Boards
  • Blender Jars
  • Wooden Utensils
  • Aprons
  • Dish Towels
  • Countertops
  • Hands
wash sponges
Wash Sponges

You Should Sterilize Sponges


1-Rinsing between each use.

2- Keeping dry.

paper towels
Paper Towels
  • Paper towels should be used once


  • then thrown away.
kitchen sinks
Kitchen Sinks
  • Sinks should be sanitized between use,
  • Or else
  • The bacteria will flourish and travel

around the kitchen.

cutting boards
Cutting Boards
  • They should be washed well with hotwater & soap between each use
  • OR
  • Disinfected by using a small spoonful of chlorine bleach added toone gallon of water.
blender jars
Blender Jars
  • They need to be washed &

dried between uses because

they are sometimes carriers of


wooden utensils
Wooden Utensils
  • Wooden spoons & plates damage easily.


  • They must be regularly replaced.
  • The apron protect your clothes from stains.
  • so
  • They must be washed daily.
dish towels
Dish Towels
  • It is much better for dishes and utensils to be

airdried after washing .

  • Avoid drying dishes and utensils using cloth

dish towels.

  • There is a large number of
  • microbes on countertops.


they should be cleaned with

Clean cloth and steriling solution.

  • Your hands are carriers of germs from one
  • place to another so you should wash your
  • hands well with soap and warmwater
  • between each use.
  • Germs are regarded as the enemies of healthy life so we should fight them as possible as we can.
any questions
Any Questions?
  • Division of Awareness and Health Education

Department of Municipal Health

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture