literacy theme 1 community spirit n.
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Literacy Theme 1:Community Spirit PowerPoint Presentation
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Literacy Theme 1:Community Spirit

Literacy Theme 1:Community Spirit

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Literacy Theme 1:Community Spirit

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  1. Literacy Theme 1:Community Spirit Mrs. Randall Third Grade

  2. New Vocabulary Words-week 1 develop-to plan and help make something celebrate-to have an event to honor something decision-a choice you make protect- to keep safe from harm comfort-a feeling of safety or happiness

  3. New Vocabulary Words-week 2 arrive-to reach the place you were traveling to establish-to put something in place for a long time without changing it appeal-something everyone will like household-a group of people who live together in a single home lifestyle-the way you choose to live your life

  4. Grammar: week 1 Subject and Predicates A subject tells who the sentence is about. A predicate tells what happened.

  5. Grammar Practice: What is the predicate in the following sentence? Sarah and her sisters often go shopping together.

  6. Grammar Practice Answer: Sarah and her sisters often go shopping together. The predicate is go shopping together because it tells what the subject of the sentence did.

  7. Grammar: week 2 Subject-Verb Agreement A subject tells what the sentence is about. A verb is an action word. Subjects and verbs should always agree in writing.

  8. Grammar Practice Which verb best completes the sentence below? Chris and Brady _______________ to go to the swimming pool. love loves loving to love

  9. Grammar Practice Answer Chris and Brady love to go to the swimming pool. The answer is love because it is singular. Chris and Brady are also singular. The subject and the verb agree.

  10. Skills Short Vowels-a, e, i, o, u can’t, tell, stick, chop, cut Initial Consonants-the first sounds in a word teacher, raspberry, telephone Which two words have the same initial consonant? (answer: teacher and telephone)

  11. Skills Continued… Hyperbole- a fancy word for exaggeration This sentence is an example of exaggeration: I have a million great ideas! (I don’t really have a million ideas. A million in an exaggerated way to say “ a lot” or “ a large number of.”)

  12. Reading Strategy Focus: week 1 and week 2 Making Connections Connections: a link between the text and your own experience. We can make connections to events in our life and stories we remember.