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Delivering Value through Collaboration

Delivering Value through Collaboration. Agency Supplied Workers Market Engagement Day 19 th June 2014. Welcome and Purpose. Stuart Wilson Supply Chain Ombudsman. Welcome and Purpose. Safety: There are no fire alarm tests planned during today

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Delivering Value through Collaboration

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  1. Delivering Value through Collaboration

  2. Agency Supplied WorkersMarket Engagement Day19th June 2014

  3. Welcome and Purpose Stuart Wilson Supply Chain Ombudsman

  4. Welcome and Purpose Safety: • There are no fire alarm tests planned during today • If you hear the alarm please exit the building by the nearest exit and assemble in the rear car park. Voting Handsets: • You should each have a voting handset, please keep this with you as you’ll need it for several sessions today – including one at the end. • The handsets are not remotes, nor are they any use, please return them at the end of the day

  5. Welcome and Purpose Purpose of the Day: • To proactively engage with, and involve all areas of the Supply Chain. • To listen to what the Supply Chain has to say, and give you a opportunity to contribute through interactive sessions. • To give an opportunity to various stakeholder groups to gain a better understanding of the Agency Supplied Workers acquisition. What does a successful day look like? • Everyone has a chance to contribute during the day • It feels different to a standard industry day • We get to share information and thoughts • We all enjoy the day

  6. Agenda for the Day

  7. Agenda • 0830-0900 Registration and Coffee • 0900-0935 Opening Welcome, Agenda and Key Note Speech • 0935-1010 Presentation of the Scope and Procurement Plan • 1010-1045 Socio Economic and SME Agenda • 1045-1100 Coffee and Biscuits • 1100-1145 Key Drivers for SLCs • 1145-1200 Critical Success Factors • 1200-1300 Supporting the Critical Success Factors – Break Out Groups • 1300-1330 Lunch • 1330-1430 Informal Networking • 1430-1500 Feedback and Closing Presentation

  8. Agenda The day is dependent on your: ENGAGEMENT AND INTERACTION! Interactive Sessions throughout the day

  9. Key Note SpeechDr Peter WalkdenCommercial Director Magnox LtdSponsor Agency Supplied Worker Collaborative Procurement

  10. Interactive Session – Who’s Who

  11. Scope of Work Diane Pomford Contract Officer & Project Lead for Agency Supplied Workers Tender

  12. Scope • The Participating Entities require Agency Supplied Workers (ASWs) to augment resource for peak workload demands, specific skills areas not available internally and operational peaks against specific project requirement. • Critical Success Factors: • Breadth and Availability of Resources • Continuous Improvement • Management Information • Payroll Administration • Socio Economic and Small, Medium Enterprise • Skills development • Transition

  13. Scope of Service • Identification, selection and ongoing management of a supply chain of recruitment suppliers to meet current and expected ASW resource requirements • Management of the end to end sourcing process from the receipt of a requisition for ASW resource to managing the payment of fees and expenses to the individual ASWs engaged. • Identification, implementation and delivery of innovative and realistic ways of working together with the Participating Entities to add value and ensure continuous improvement over the duration of the contract. • Supporting the NDA Estate in delivering their socio-economic objectives and SME agenda • Implementation of an e-recruitment platform to facilitate the ASW requisition and on-boarding process

  14. Scope continued • A number of initiatives have been introduced which have added value such as: • enhanced management information, allowing us to make informed decisions on reducing costs; • standardisation of process, leading to significant time-savings and ongoing continuous improvements, • roles and rates matrices ensuring that the Participating Entities are paying a fair market share which are subject to local approval process. • The current standards and best practice received from the existing ASW arrangements will therefore form the basis of minimum requirements for the new contract.

  15. Participating Entities • Direct Rail Services, (DRS) • Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, (DSRL) • International Nuclear Services (INS) • LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) • Magnox Ltd • National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) • Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWML) • Research Sites Restoration Laboratory (RSRL) • Sellafield Ltd • Springfields Fuels Ltd

  16. DRS DSRL Magnox Sellafield NNL LLWR INS Springfields NDA RSRL RWML

  17. Discipline Examples • Admin: • Clerical • Secretarial • Support • Industrial: • Security • Functional Specialist: • Business Improvement • Commercial/Finance/Human Resources/Information Technology • Integrated Work Management • Programme Management • Stakeholder Relations • Training

  18. Disciplines of ASWs • Operations: • Emergency Response • Maintenance • Medical • Operations • Projects and Engineering • Commissioning • Construction • Engineering Design • Plant Engineering • Project Management • Technical and Safety • Environment • Quality • Safety Cases/ Safety Support • Science Environment and Technology

  19. Numbers of ASW by Category 1st April 2014

  20. Estimated Spend

  21. Volumes and Spend • Detail is provided for information only, based upon the population of ASW engaged as of 1st April 2014. • Estimates represent current and projected expenditure and are inclusive of all fee charges and are based on a typical 37 hour week/48 weeks per annum. • Volume of ASW is subject to regular change and fluctuation depending upon workloads, projects approved by the NDA and operational peaks. • In order to support the SLCs SME agenda and the requirement for specialist or niche roles, 25% of the provision of ASWs will be supplied by the Contractor(s) via a number of SMEs.

  22. Service Levels Service Level A • To provide a payroll and administration service as the ASW is already known to the Participating Entities, role requirement and pay rates are known and security clearance has already been established. This service level rate shall will also apply to those ASWs who are re-engaged by any of the Participating Entities within a twelve month period of leaving as well as Pre-selected ASWs Service Level B • The contractor is required to carry out the entire search and selection process for the full range of disciplines (including screening, testing for some categories, short-listing for interview, establishing the pay rate, progressing security clearances in line with the participating entities requirements etc.) in response to an enquiry.

  23. Benchmarking and Rate Management • During the term of the Contract, the Participating Entities and the Contractor will monitor the Rates payable to establish that they are paying a fair market price for the provision of the Services. • It is the intention that a role and rate matrix for each of the Participating Entities will be provided by the Contractor, which will align with the appropriate Life-Time Plans or Resource Strategy, • It is not anticipated that Annual inflation or real cost of living (RCLI) increases will form part of this agreement.

  24. Selection and Engagement Will cover the following: • Requisition • Screening and Interview • Security Clearance • Medicals • Substance Testing • Confidentiality • Engagement

  25. Business Processes • Hours of Work – Recording / Time booking • Overtime • Travel and Subsistence • Conduct and Employment Legislation • Industry Standards (eg National Skills Academy Nuclear) • Permanent Recruitment

  26. Management of Agreement • It is intended that there will be regular on-site presence at: • Sellafield Ltd at both its Cumbria and Warrington locations • Magnox Ltd at its Berkeley Centre and regional locations • Dounreay, Thurso

  27. Management Information • Enquiry status e.g. CVs submitted, to whom, dates etc • CV to Offer ratios • ASW Engagement Timescales (total time to hire information) • Market rates per role / Benchmarking • Financial reconciliation and service management • ASW Service evaluation information • Client and ASW Community feedback • Talent pool information • Tenure information • Re-deployment details i.e. date available, rate, location, job role etc • Value Added Services • KPIs • SME Engagement • National nuclear standards • Other reports, the requirements of which will be agreed locally between the Participating Entities and the Contractor.

  28. Contract Management • Day to day control of Participating Entities’ operational and business needs will be managed individually by the Participating Entities. • Overall management of the contract will be managed centrally by the formation of a Steering Group with representatives from each of the Participating Entities who will agree and oversee performance levels from a strategic position and provide overall account management, governance and strategic direction

  29. Technology • Internal procurement processes and systems may vary across each of the Participating Entities’ locations. However, as a guide SAP 4.7, SAP V4.6, Sage and Agresso are currently used on some of the sites to support demand management, procurement transaction processing and financial processes. • Self Billing systems may vary across each of the Participating Entities, thus the Contractor will need the capability to run Self Bills systems with options to use the Participating Entities own timesheet/ timebooking systems

  30. E-Recruitment • Electronic platform that will manage the full recruitment and approval process and is accessible to all parties giving a fully visible end to end recruitment process. • The system should be capable of providing MI reporting to track recruitment activity and performance and provide real time data on all current ASW’s • The proposed system should be able to demonstrate functionality to integrate or share information with the Participating Entities’ enterprise HR systems e.g. SAP or PeopleSoft or other, for Sellafield Ltd. Other Participating entities will still require this functionality, however this may be in a direct integration or in the form of a download using a common platform e.g. Excel dependent on the requirement of the Participating Entity

  31. Interactive Session – Working Together

  32. Procurement Plan Diane Pomford

  33. Procurement Open OJEU Procurement to be conducted through CTM (Complete Tender Management) Source Evaluation Board (SEB) Process Invitation to Tenderer available on CTM Selection and Award Criteria Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)

  34. General Information Professional and Business Standing Financial/Insurance Commercial Capability Socio Economic and SME Environmental Ethics Health & Safety Quality Assurance Current Capability and Resources Approach – Service Provision Cost reduction/Service improvement opportunities Socio Economic and SME Transition Price Selection and Award – Example Only

  35. Procurement Plan – Key Dates The project team is working to the key indicative dates below: Market Engagement Conducted June 2014 Business Case Approved August 2014 Invitation to Tender Released September 2014 Preferred Bidder Selected March 2015 Contract Award May 2015 Transition Completed October 2015 Contract Go Live November 2015

  36. CTM Access http://suppliers.sellafieldsites.com/procurement-opportunities/

  37. CTM Access

  38. Interactive Session – Contract Model

  39. Socio Economic (SE) and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) Agendas Mark Evans Commercial Policy Manager, Sellafield Ltd

  40. The Socioeconomic Agenda – in a nutshell NDA Objectives • To ensure the NDA estate has the skills and capability to carry out the mission efficiently and effectively • To optimise the NDA supply chain to develop an affordable, cost effective innovative and dynamic market to deliver our mission • To support the creation of dynamic, sustainable local economies for communities living near our sites

  41. The Socioeconomic Agenda – in a nutshell NDA Drivers • Enhance opportunities for local people and business to be involved in decommissioning through education, skills and training • Maintain a health supply chain and support the diversification of the local economy into broader areas of activity • Increase the attractiveness of areas near to our sites as places to live, work and invest

  42. The Socioeconomic Agenda – What does a ‘good’ offer look like? • Proposals / commitments which support the NDA and Site Licence Companies in delivering the socio-economic objectives • Proposals / commitments as to how individuals and organisations local to our sites and in particular those areas identified in the NDA socio-economic plan will be able to access employment, education, training and sub-contracting opportunities arising under this agreement • Proposals / commitments for supporting the local infrastructure Commitments made will be contractualised, where appropriate. Performance / delivery against commitments made will be monitored

  43. The Socioeconomic Agenda – What will ‘success’ look like? • CSF 5 - Support will have been provided to the NDA Estate in delivering their socio-economic objectives • Stakeholders in the local communities will acknowledge and be appreciative of the support provided • Your organisation will be regarded by these stakeholders as a ‘good corporate citizen’

  44. Summarising the Socioeconomic Agenda – it’s about.... • Education, skills and employment development • Local Business Growth • Community Well-Being • It’s about..... • People • Businesses • Communities • Futures

  45. The SME Agenda – in a nutshell • Supporting the NDA and Site Licence Companies in delivering HMG’s SME Growth Agenda to achieve 25% of HMG overall annual spend reaching SME on a sustained basis • Accessing... • Innovation • Agility / responsiveness • Niche knowledge and skills

  46. The SME Growth Agenda – What does a ‘good’ offer look like? • Evidence of Make V Buy process • Visible forward plan of work (contracts finder) • Open, transparent procurement processes • Accessible, SME friendly attitude & culture • Commitment to achieve optimum value through best athlete approach to delivery of work • Consistent and value adding use of SME where, on merit, this is the right thing to do. Commitments made will be contractualised, where appropriate. Performance / delivery against commitments made will be monitored

  47. The SME Growth Agenda – What will ‘success’ look like? • CSF 5 - Support will have been provided to the NDA Estate in delivering their SME growth objectives • You will be delivering exceptional outcomes through effective and efficient use of the innovation, agility, skills and knowledge of SME • SME will acknowledge and be appreciative of the ways you engage with them • Your organisation will be regarded by these stakeholders as a ‘good corporate citizen’

  48. Interactive Session – Socio Economic and SME

  49. CoffeePlease be back for 1100

  50. Business Drivers

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