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The Romans

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The Romans. By Katie Leah And Emily T T. E NTERTAINMENT.

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the romans
The Romans

By Katie


And Emily T

  • T
e ntertainment
  • People go to the amphitheatre to watch people fight wild animals such as lions and bears. People go to baths to sweat off the dirt after hunting and after they go outside and go in a cold pool after being in the hot room.
romulus and ramu romulus and remus
Romulus and ramu.Romulus and Remus
  • Romulus and Remus were twin brothers.
  • Theirevil uncle did not like them so he threw them in the river Tiber. A she wolf found them and she took care of them. One day a shepherd found them and took care of them until they were young men . Romulus got angry at Remus and he killed Remus . Romulus built a city it is called Rome.
gods and goddesses
Gods and goddesses
  • Jupiter was the most powerful god . Mars was the god of war . Neptune was the god of the sea . Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter. Janus had two faces. Ceres was the Goddess of agriculture.

On the 24 August 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted and 1600 people died. Hot ash came out of the volcano and most people died.

clothes and fashion
Clothes and fashion

Women in Rome dye their lips and wear their slaves hair as a wig. Men shave their beards without soap or water or oil . Men oil their hair .

the end
The End

The End