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Family Referral Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Family Referral Service

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Family Referral Service
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Family Referral Service

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  1. Family Referral Service Welcome !

  2. Family Referral Service • Funded by the NSW Department of Health in partnership with the Department of Human Services as 12 months pilots • The Mt Druitt FRS is a telephone information and referral service to facilitate entry into a range of support services that: • Assist with current issues • Promote child well being • Prevent escalation to crisis • Foster the development of supportive, protective and nurturing environments for children and young people

  3. Objectives of the FRS • The objectives of the FRS are to: • Facilitate access to support services for vulnerable families • Identify appropriate support services to which clients may be referred in their local area • Ensure that families reach the services that they are referred to use of warm referral and follow-up • Improve links between services at the local level • Working with local services/agencies to facilitate better re alignment of support services in local areas (recognising that this is a longer term objective) • Provide culturally appropriate referral pathways for Aboriginal families

  4. Outcomes • Improved access to support for vulnerable children, young people and families who are below the threshold for statutory child protection intervention • Improved co-ordination and realignment of services at local/regional level • An optimal model is identified for state roll out

  5. Location CAM (Centre for Addictive Medicine) 1st Floor, 15 Cleeve Close, Mt Druitt  Opened 3rd May, 2010 Official launch 14 July, 2010

  6. Mt Druitt Projected population growth =4.6% Projected CAR reports = 8,500 per annum Index of Social Disadvantage = 972.79

  7. Technology Call Centre Info/Data Tracking Links to Community Embed in Service Network, Referral protocols, Info/Database Update - Community Liason,Referral Troubleshooting Assessment, Case Planning, Referral, Interim Support - Augmented Case Management, Brokerage Triage Staffing Skills & Training - Accessible, Responsive, Engaging of Families This Door is the Right Door The client gets help from a service that is approachable, engaging and meets their needs. =

  8. FRS Characteristics • The Mt Druitt Family Referral Service: • Is respectful of individual rights including confidentiality • Is culturally appropriate • Facilitates pro-active, positive, and voluntary client engagement • Involves children, young people and families in decision-making • Provides inter- personal support (clients are not referred to a voice mail) • Has knowledge of local community and local service network • Is aware of services capacity in local area (clients are not referred to waiting lists), and is resourceful in finding innovative solutions to clients’ service needs • Ensures there is a feedback loop to facilitate appropriate follow-up

  9. FRS role‘Intermediary gate opener’ Intake Client Assess Needs Refer Client Support Service Providers Service system professionals Children, Young People and Families Monitor Uptake Share Knowledge

  10. Family Referral Service ‘Intermediary gate opener’ Community Reference Group Service Network Coordinated planning Referral protocols Data base Family Advisors Triage, assessment and referral Case management Community Liaison Officer Relationship building Coordinated service delivery Referral protocols Program Coordinator Service development Effective operations Quality client service

  11. Evaluation • Externally evaluated by KPMG. Data items include: • Client demographic data by locality • Activity data – time, actions, support activities • Support service referrals – given/taken up, CWU and others • Clients above the threshold • Use of interpreters

  12. Service challenges • Include: • New service • Short term pilot • Getting known and gaining community trust • Building relationships with other services • Changing the way Community Services to business • Relationships Australia as an organisation • had not previously worked in Mt Druitt area • Service concerns (keep them safe, resources & referrals) • Reporting & data collection • Telephone only • Lack of clear indicators FRS impact on outcomes

  13. Three different FRS models • Similar • Referral service with no case management • Aboriginal identified positions • Call centre included • Number of staff • Different • Face to face services • Brokerage funds • Population and geographical area

  14. Case study Michelle is 15 years old and her partner, John is 17 years old. They have a 7 week old baby boy. They are currently in Department of Housing temporary accommodation. Michelle has called the Mt Druitt Family Referral Service seeking assistance to find longer term accommodation for the family. They have a Community Services case worker. Challenges Both parents are under 18 years of age. They do not want to separate. Accommodation for families is limited.