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CBOS Observational Structure

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CBOS Observational Structure. “ Render unto MACOORA that which is IOOS and to CBOS that which locals need.” CBOS WEBsite offers near-real time nowcast- forecast buoy data for near and on the water users and their supporters—at cost

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cbos observational structure
CBOS Observational Structure

“ Render unto MACOORA that which is IOOS and to CBOS that which locals need.”

  • CBOS WEBsite offers near-real time nowcast- forecast buoy data for near and on the water users and their supporters—at cost
  • CBOS-MACOORA Data-Center WEBsite holds generated DMACS architectured data archived through DMACS data architecture to a Data Center, which provides data—at cost
  • At Cost is paid by data user (think Weather.Bug) in either case, but users likely different
conceptual model
Conceptual Model

With CBOS BAYCAST subscription

as an on the water user you pick your buoy (s) instead of a Zip code.

You select the nowcast-forecast data you want from a menu, which includes.....

CBOS BAYCAST Website Weather Data:
  • Regular NWS forecasts (Sterling and Annapolis) with buoy nowcasts:
  • Barometric pressure past 48 hrs
  • Current visibility camera (fog….)
  • Current wind speed and direction
  • Link to Doppler radar
  • Seasonal climate to date and forecast
CBOS BAYCAST Physical On-The-Water Data:
  • NOAA Ports (NOS)-like forecasts of water levels,
  • Nowcasts of surface-current strength and direction, actual water-levels, and actual wave height, direction, frequency from individual buoy (s)
  • In future CODAR...
CBOS BAYCAST Water-Quality Data
  • Forecasts of selected water parameters--temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, … turbidity, nutrients (nitrates and ammonium) and chlorophyll
  • Nowcasts of above from individual buoys...
  • At surface, and or if possible, in profile
  • At some point fore- and now- casts are maps of anoxia, algal blooms, turbidity, DO, ...
Other CBOS BAYCAST attributes
  • Logos of near real-time nowcast and forecast data providers appear on this website
  • Relevant near real time links to others can be selected (e.g. Tributary non-tidal and tidal stations).
  • Hot button-Cell Phone Number for user feedback (Tell us what we don’t know, what you want, …)
  • CBOS Website Headlines
  • CBOS(MACOORA-IOOS) Data Center is advertised (linked) , and …
headlines geared to seasonal forecasts major conditions or events
Headlines...geared to seasonal forecasts, major conditions or events,


  • We accurately forecast a bad summer for dissolved oxygen
  • Above average water temperatures and below average wind mixing energy combined to make a bad summer worse
  • The role of temperature and wind needs to be further investigated and possibly incorporated in future forecasting efforts.

Jasinski et al 2005: The Chesapeake Bay anoxia forecast: End of summer post mortem

or a current condition remotely sensed
Or a current condition... remotely-sensed

Or other current condition ….

cbos baycast outreach and education
CBOS BAYCAST Outreach and Education
  • Needs to be ongoing …
  • In relation to each observational component
  • weather, water hydrodynamics , and water-
  • quality
  • From the start, build it as part of the value-added
  • observational product
  • Begin by looking at what partners, and other
  • fully-operational observational system are doing
cbos macoora ioos data center
  • A WHOLLY Different WEB site, menu, ....
  • With DMACS-architectured data…
  • Serving those who want archived CBOS BAYCAST website data, ...
  • Mapped Data (SAV, Habitat, Oyster Beds, Phyto-Zoo plankton abundance or species., ...
  • Logos of providers…
  • Links to other data of providers…
  • Hot button user feedback…
  • Headlines…
  • Outreach and Education…
how to get there
How to get There?
  • CCEID NWS Partnering (Already Covered)
  • Smith Trail Conservation Fund Partnering
  • Bay-Tributary Partnering
  • Chesapeake Bay Program Partnering

Use multiple overlapping Pilot Studies, each as a Proof of Concept to initiate Observational and Data Center Websites...

While seeking base funding and implementing user-subscriptions to ultimately pay sustained cost

captain john smith historic trail
Captain John Smith Historic Trail
  • Partnering:
  • Chesapeake Bay Commission
  • Chesapeake Executive Council
  • National Geographic Society
  • Garden Club of America
  • DuPont Corporation
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Sultana Projects, Inc.
  • Izaak Walton League
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • MD Legislative Sportsmen Caucus
  • The Conservation Fund

NOAA through Office of Education

CBO -- $0.5 Million FY06 for

Smith-Trail Buoys (Handout)

the virginia institute of marine science estuarine observing system
The Virginia Institute of Marine Science Estuarine Observing System


Carl Friedrichs, Lorraine Brasseur, John Brubaker,

Ken Moore, Todd Nelson,

Willy Reay, Justin Vandever, Don Wright

cbos sites
CBOS sites

10 km

CBNERR/Eyes on the Bay & CBOS stations shown. Now add CoOP project arrays:

potomac river tributary
  • Proposals Funded or Awaiting Word
  • Statewide Early Warning System for Maryland Public Water Supply…Maryland Joint Committee on Water Security and MDE…$0.88-2.56 Million
  • Time of Travel and Flow Velocity Distribution in the Potomac River and Selected Tributaries… USGS…Funded $0.3 Million
  • Drinking Water Supply and Security and Reliability Projects for the National Capitol Region … Metropolitan Council of Governors and Senior Policy Group … $1.8 Million
  • QUAHSI Potomac Watershed Study $25 Million, RFP Never Opened, but see handout ….and …
integrating innovative technologies to assess shallow water habitats in chesapeake bay

Integrating Innovative Technologies to Assess Shallow Water Habitats in Chesapeake Bay

Michael, B.D., Trice, T.M., Heyer, C.J., Stankelis, R.M., Preston, S.D.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Resource Assessment Service

ERF October 17, 2005

Supported by Funds from:

NOAA Coastal Oceans Program (NERR)

EPA Chesapeake Bay Program

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

proposed 2006 potomac estuary water quality criteria monitoring program
Proposed 2006 Potomac Estuary Water Quality Criteria Monitoring Program

Minimum of 18 continuous monitoring sites, 4 water quality mapping teams covering entire tidal tributary over a 3-4 day period, 3 water quality buoys, 1 in each salinity segment to address open and deep water habitats

working with partners develop integrated tributary pilot project proposal
Working with partners develop integrated tributary pilot-project proposal…

Create a tributary-bay CBOS-IOOS backbone

  • Build out observations with current CBOS and Smith buoys in Bay -- start of the Tributary Trailhead
  • Build up on current CBOS and Smith Buoys Smith to get required but not covered observational data
  • Build in with tidal gage? (if not present)
  • Couple with non-tidal NWQM network (USGS-NWQM)
  • Integrate and uplink the CBOS core observational data from bay to non-tidal … for CBOS BAYCAST AND DATA CENTER Websites…while making John Smith Trail observations for journey up tributary
For Each Pilot Effort Key Questions to Address and Products to Produce
  • Identify Proof of Concept?
  • Contribution to CBOS infrastructure, hardware, and backbone components
    • Observational Buoy System
    • Data Center
    • Outreach and Education
  • What is duration of support ?
  • Who are partners
  • One product is to identify sentinel stations between non-tidal and CBOS Bay stations for long-term monitoring.
chesapeake bay program open water and tidal monitoring program
Chesapeake Bay Program Open Water and Tidal Monitoring Program

As part of their critical data-quality needs, they lack dissolved-oxygen data, particularly in relation to profile in deep-water Tributary tidal areas and the Bay.

Proposal to USEPA Bay Program to provide shallow and deep water dissolved-oxygen data on Smith Buoys

working groups needed
WORKING Groups Needed

To develop each proposal with respect to current backbone needs

  • The website designs
  • DMACS data management implementation
  • Buoy design and implementation

To identify mapping backbone needs

To coordinate across all of the above