2011 spring exam review game n.
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2011 Spring Exam Review Game PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Spring Exam Review Game

2011 Spring Exam Review Game

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2011 Spring Exam Review Game

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  1. 2011 Spring Exam Review Game Honors English II Lauren Ritter

  2. Caesar Casca Brutus Who is the main conspirator? Caesar Anthony

  3. Caesar Calpurnia Casca Who is Caesar most hurt by? Brutus Himself

  4. Caesar I can’t believe this. E Tu Brute? What was Caesar’s last words? You guys stink. E TuCasca?

  5. Caesar Antony’s death Another man What was Calpurnia’s dream about? Her death Caesar’s death

  6. Caesar Ides of March 3 Days after the Ides of March What day did Caesar die? Ides of April 3 Days before the Ides of January

  7. Poetry Technology Nature What are haikus about? Yourself Microwaves

  8. Poetry Last word rhymes First word rhymes What is end rhyme? A middle word rhymes No rhyme

  9. Poetry Pattern involving rhyme No pattern What is rhyme scheme? Haiku Satire

  10. Poetry Epic poems Sad poems What are satires? Funny poems Haikus

  11. Poetry A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Caesar What is an example of an epic poem? To Kill A Mockingbird Oddessy

  12. 1984 Telescreen Microwave What device watches them? TV Bed

  13. 1984 The Leader Winston’s older sibling Who is Big Brother? The Owner Winston’s best friend

  14. 1984 A clock A paper weight What did he buy in the shop? A statue A dog

  15. 1984 Steals food Robs a bank What crime does Winston committ? Writes in a journal Runs away

  16. 1984 Rewrites history Street sweeper What is Winston’s job? Sheriff Judge

  17. TKAM Tom Robinson Atticus Who is the man on trial? Scout Calpurnia

  18. TKAM Atticus Boo Who saves Jem and Scout at the end? Bob Ewell Miss Maudie

  19. TKAM Aunt Alexandra Atticus Who is classified as “White Trash”? Tom Robinson Bob Ewell

  20. TKAM Miss Maudie Miss Stephanie Who’s house burns down? Radley’s Aunt Alexandras

  21. TKAM Shot Drowned How does Tom die? Burned Beaten

  22. Anthem Promethus Gaea What name did Equality 7-2521 give to Liberty 5-3000? Unconquered Lover

  23. Anthem Future Present When is this story set? Past Never

  24. Anthem Electricity Pluming What does Equality 7-2521 create in his tunnel? Air Conditioning Heater

  25. Anthem Janitor Leader What job is Equality 7-2521 assigned? Gardener Street sweeper

  26. Anthem I We What is the word Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-300 struggle to find? Us They

  27. Grammer Dangling Misplaced Flying low over the treetops, a herd of elephants charged into our view.

  28. Grammer Misplaced Dangling Nancy discovered that Bowser had eaten the tea sandwiches with a cry of dismay.

  29. Grammer Dangling Misplaced His mother had asked Charles to have his hair cut a dozen times.

  30. Grammer Dangling Misplaced The ball was lost practicing last week.

  31. Grammer Dangling Misplaced Arriving at the theatre and hour late, the seats were taken.

  32. Vocabulary Granular Haphazard Left to chance Hereditary Hideous

  33. Vocabulary Havoc Herald Very great destruction caused by natural calamity or war Hectic Grueling

  34. Vocabulary Hindrance Haphazard Very exciting or confusing Hoax Hectic

  35. Vocabulary Havoc Hoax A mischievious trick or deception Granular Herald

  36. Vocabulary Grueling Hideous Horrible Hindrance Hectic

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